Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Home Safe and Sound!

Thank you everyone who sent my son good wishes and congratulations on passing his test and for his car purchase. Well we went today, so he could hand over the dosh and collect his cherished first car!

Mummy drove back with him, with Daddy behind in our car, a bit nerve racking (for me) but we got home in one piece!

Just thought you might like to see him with his pride and joy!

Thank you one and all, now for a bucket of tea to calm my nerves, as he has gone out alone to his football game! Argh!


  1. Well done big mini-Ofkants!
    If he's anything like me his first trip out alone went better than the first drive with Mum in my first car as I was soooo stressed about driving my mum that I made loooooads of mistakes!