Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes!

Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes!

Christmas is a time for family and especially children, big and little, old and young alike and for me, nothing says family time and childhood like good old fairy tales and nursery rhymes, so I thought I'd look through some of the Folksy shops and see what fairy tale and nursery rhyme inspired items I could find!

Story Time Gallery!

Here are just a few of the tonnes of beautiful items I found.
Please just click on the pictures to be transported to a magical fairy tale world of wonder and imagination.

A world of fairy tales and magic!

My, What big teeth you have Grandma!

Rumple Stiltskin's quest for Gold!

All good fairy tales have a magical fairy castle!

All the King's Men couldn't put him back together again!

Luckily London Bridge isn't falling down at the moment!

Fee Fi Fo Fum!  Climb the Bean stalk in this hat Jack!

Thank you for indulging my Childhood memories and hopefully they have rekindled some of yours!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

December Jingles!

Jingle All the Way!

So sorry to have taken so long to say goodbye to the November Rockets and hello to the December Jingles, our new daily listing club for the month of December, but it has been a mega rush both in a business sense and personally, with pre Christmas Craft Fairs and markets and concluding the day job, as I am being made redundant from the end of December, so there has been some finalisations to see to and a mega list of notification emails to send out, but following this I shall have more time for myself, until I find another job that is, a daunting prospect, especially given the current economic climate.

Hey Ho, or should I say Ho Ho Ho as we move forward to Christmas!  But we need to say a fond farewell to November, which was a very successful daily listing club, with a grand total of 816 collective sales for the month and our Star Rocket was Susan of thedotterypotter with an amazing personal total of 77 sales all of her own. 

The December Jingles have been merrily jingling all the way and have commenced the month with a sleigh ride of sales already, we are only on the 11th of December and already have a jingle-tastic 387 collective sales as of 9.30 this morning!!!!!

Dashing Jingle Gallery!

I thought it might be lovely to have a sleigh ride together through some of the shops taking part in the December Jingles and showcase some of their gorgeous creations already displayed for our appreciation.

If you would like a closer look, please just click on the picture and dash all the way to the shop in question, where you will see further delights!






I hope we all have a merry and bright December and that you have enjoyed my gallery today!