Saturday, 27 November 2010

Dragon Fly Joy!

Proud Mummy!

I just wanted to share with you how my little girl was inspired by the Lovely Maxine of Maxine Veronica Jewellery to create a semblance of one of Maxine's signature brooches.

I was lucky enough recently to have both bought a wonderful Dragon Fly brooch from Maxine, and then won one of her wonderful give-away competitions, so secured another Dragon Fly Brooch, plus some other stunning pieces, (it was a very generous give-away) and my little budding jeweller of a daughter was so taken with the Dragon Flies, that she decided to attempt to create her own version.

I contacted Maxine to let her know, and she was really pleased that she had inspired my 10 year old, and asked me to show her finished item within my blog so here goes.
This is the version created by my little girl!

And here Maxine's inspirational beautiful brooch beside her attempt for comparison.

Her youngest of two older brothers decided to have his sister show him how to shape the wire too! Bless!

Thank you for letting me show you! You can't help being proud of them when they try so hard!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Folksy Friday: Spiders!

Invasion of Eight Legs!

Have you noticed that when the weather gets colder, visitors appear in you home, those of the eight legged variety. Don’t get me wrong, I think they do a marvellous job and I think spider’s webs with dew and mist on them are very pretty, but I do prefer to choose who to invite into my house.

In my home, the large hairy ones, that you see from the corner of your eye, as they scurry across the carpet, are always called Fred. If hubby is available, the Fred is trapped under a glass and escorted from the house, but if hubby is not home …. then the children are called to carry out the duty, and the hairy visitor is evicted, humanely, they usually take him across the road and deposit by the large oak tree, then run back, hoping that two long legs are faster than eight short ones.

Spider-tastic Feature Gallery

Just click on the pictures to ‘spin’ your way across the ‘web’ to these fabulous spider creations.

Cute and cuddly, sparkly and beautiful. or realistic and natural, these items are so well made, I’m sure anyone would love to own them. Please just click on the picture to be taken to the particular Folkster’s shop for a full description and additional photo’s.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Rainbow's and Hope!

Rainbow's and Hope for life, light and love!

I don't know anyone who's spirits are not lifted when they see a rainbow, and as we have had some very dull and depressing weather of late, which is now due to turn to freezing conditions and snow, with awful financial prospects and low employment rates, we could all do with some hope, some light and even a chance of the fabled pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I would also like to make a rainbow blog dedication to Pauline (of Pauline's Candles) and her family, for whom rainbows have a very personal and sentimental meaning, giving her hope and peace of mind at times of sadness.

This is a rainbow, I captured from my front garden, only a couple of weeks ago. The whole family came out to look at it as it was so bright and vivid!

I recently discovered this wonderful designer yarn, (Deny's Brunton Magicolour) and once I started crocheting with it, could not put it down until I had used up every last fibre.

This is a delicate version of the rainbow, maybe a fairy rainbow with the emphasis on lilacs and mauve's. I managed to created a slouchy hat, scarf with floral corsage on a kilt pin, and a pair of fingerless mittens. All available for closer inspection, by clicking on the pictures.

Rainbow Feature Gallery!

I quested far and wide in the land of Folksy for rainbow inspired items, and these are a few of the stunning items discovered, I am sorry I could not included everything found, but the blog was becoming so long, so I hope you will continue to search for your rainbow, if it is not within this selection.

A beautiful Baby rainbow hat by the even more beautiful SusieJ of Over the Rainbow.

A gorgeous Rainbow Bottle stopper by a true Craftsman! Roy of Diggiwoodturning.

Can't locate a rainbow, how about trying to grow one, Rainbow seeds from Litt'lest Craft Shop.

A mixed gemstone and hued necklace from the colourful Rainbow Rocks.

A WOW of a sparkling Bracelet creation from Elinor Jenkins.

A Quartet of cards including an actual rainbow from Ghost Goose. Something for every occasion!

A colourful and cheerful makeup bag from the cheerful and not at all moody Trish of Moodycow!

Stunning and Starry Earrings from the angelic Lisa of Sweetpyroangel.

A gorgeous floral hair accessory from a Knitting Ninja!

A colour filled striped wonder from Lorna of Dab and a Dash.

And finally but by no means least:
A glitterball Bracelet creation by Sharon of SPJewellry.

Thank you for indulging me in my rainbow mood to brighten the dullest day! I hope it has cheered you as much as it has me!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Folksy Friday! Mug Cosies!

Warm Cuppa's!

There is no greater pleasure than a piping hot cup of tea or coffee, and no greater disappointment to find that your longed for cuppa has gone cold whilst your mind was elsewhere, or you were busy with some task or other!

So I have decided to honour the humble mug cosy with this weeks Folksy Friday, there are so many styles and colours to choose from, that I was spoilt for choice!

Please just click on the pictures to be transported to the folksy shop in question, for full details and an in depth view of this and other products that the artisan has created.

I think the humble mug cosy makes a great gift for a lady or a gent, a superb gift for a teacher, a work's Secret Santa gift or a stocking filler for anyone who's a tea or coffee belly!
I hope you have enjoyed my choices today!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

November Sparks! 7th Day!

Century Celebration!

I can't quite believe it, but I made my 100th Folksy Sale today!

Do I get a telegram from Folksy admin? LOL!

I am quite overwhelmed and very excited to have reached this amazing tally, so in honour of it, I have decided that the lady who was my 100th sale and the next five purchasers will each receive a mystery free gift within their packages!

Folksy Sparks Gallery!

I listed a very bright and festive creation this morning, which you can see at the bottom of this blog, so to counteract this, I have decided to feature some wonderful jewellery today in muted colours and with a light filled tonal quality. Just truly beautiful, I am sure you will agree.

If any of them capture you with their beauty, please just click on the pictures to be magically transported to view their full details.

Personal Sparks Gallery!

These are the two items I listed in my shop today, a beautiful Amazonite Gemstone Keyring / handbag charm, itself in lovely ice blue tones.

And a very bright and festive Baby Santa Set! A quirky bit of fun for your Christmas Babe!

I hope you have enjoyed my featured items today!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

November Sparks! Butterflies!

Recapturing Summer!

The day started off bright and made me think of summer, then descended into gloominess, which made me yearn for summer, so I have decided to showcase some little creatures that brighten everyones day, the pretty butterfly!

Not going to be too much waffle from me, just lots of pictures of butterflies, apologies that I have been unable to showcase everyone I found, but blogger started playing up on me!

Please click on the pictures the flutter over to the Folksy shops where these gorgeous creatures can be found.

Unfortunately, no butterflies in my shop, so here are the two items I listed today, at least they are colourful!

And useful!

I hope you don't mind me indulging myself with all the butterflies and please check them out in much more detail by visiting them in their shops!