Saturday, 27 November 2010

Dragon Fly Joy!

Proud Mummy!

I just wanted to share with you how my little girl was inspired by the Lovely Maxine of Maxine Veronica Jewellery to create a semblance of one of Maxine's signature brooches.

I was lucky enough recently to have both bought a wonderful Dragon Fly brooch from Maxine, and then won one of her wonderful give-away competitions, so secured another Dragon Fly Brooch, plus some other stunning pieces, (it was a very generous give-away) and my little budding jeweller of a daughter was so taken with the Dragon Flies, that she decided to attempt to create her own version.

I contacted Maxine to let her know, and she was really pleased that she had inspired my 10 year old, and asked me to show her finished item within my blog so here goes.
This is the version created by my little girl!

And here Maxine's inspirational beautiful brooch beside her attempt for comparison.

Her youngest of two older brothers decided to have his sister show him how to shape the wire too! Bless!

Thank you for letting me show you! You can't help being proud of them when they try so hard!


  1. That's really good! Let's hope she keeps up the good work, I'm not surprised you're proud of her!

    Max is brilliant too, so I'm not surprised your little girl found her work inspiring!:)

  2. Oh my goodness your dragonfly is beautiful, the blue and green are perfect colours for a dragonfly, I can see why mummy is so proud of you,and your brothers, you are very talented.

    I just showed my son and his girlfriend your dragonfly too and they think it's incredibly cute!

    Well done my lovelie, at this rate it won't be long before you are doing you own craft fairs with mummy helping you.

    Love and hugs

    Max :o) x

  3. Wow thats really good. She`s obviously a inherited the creativity gene. Well done. Linda

  4. Oh Natalie you a right to be proud that is one gorgeous dragonfly!

  5. Wow! It is gorgeous! Well done! It looks like she enjoyed making it too.

  6. Thank you everyone for your kind words, and especially Max. Eleanor was really touched by your reply, you have made her weekend!

    Natalie x

  7. I can see she is going to be a threat to your crafting Natalie if she is this good at such a young and tender age. I can see why you are so proud of her and why she should be so proud of herself.
    Jan x (cratybitz/busybeecards)
    You should print off these comments as when I used to run a brownie pack the girls could never remember doing anything good or getting priased

  8. How brilliant that they have been inspired.

  9. That is so sweet that she was inspired by Max's brooch and what an amazing job she has done, especially with wire wrapping for the wings! She's definitely a talented crafter in the making!

    Jen x

  10. what a beautiful dragonfly. I like the idea of a family jewellery business

    Kate x

  11. Wow - that is beautiful! Very clever. Would love to inspire my 10yo off his DS to do something arty!

    Very very clever - well done Eleanor :)

    Dottie x

  12. Thats a fab dragonfly, as Kate above says a family jewellery business :-)

  13. That's fantastic, she's done brilliantly!!

  14. What a little genius! Beautiful interpretation of Max's fab brooch

  15. Bless her. . . you want to watch out Nat' she'll be stealing your thunder soon. . . xxx