Monday, 1 November 2010

November Sparks! Day 1!

November Sparks!

We have a new month starting and we of the madcap listing club challengers, have decided to call ourselves the November Sparks, in honour of Bonfire night and our sparkling listings that we hope to bring you this month!

The month has already got of to a 'rocket' of a start, with over 20 collective sales today!

November Sparking Feature Gallery!

At the start of a new month of listing, with long dark nights and bonfire night approaching, I have decided to feature black and red items from the new listing club this month.

Please just click on the pictures to view the items in detail in the shops and shed some light on these wonderful items and their creators.

Personal Spark-tastic Gallery!

I listed two item lots today, a black and red knitted handbag to fire your imagination and a choice of five floral, poppy inspired, corsages with vintage glass button centres.

During the month of November, 50% of the proceeds of these corsages and all the others floral corsages listed in my shop, will go to the Royal Birtish Legion Poppy Appeal and also to Help the Hero's charity.

Thank you for looking, please click on any of the pictures to be transported directly to the item and creators shop.


  1. Beautiful red and black creations from the November Sparks! Many of the ones you have picked are already marked as favourites on Folksy :-)

  2. Great choices and a wonderful gesture with your flower corsages :)

  3. Lovely choices, love the black and red theme. Linda

  4. Fantastic choices, thanks for featuring my flower earrings :0)

  5. Thanks for featuring my card Natalie. Great blog and fantastic theme of red and black items

    Amy x

  6. I adore Anns Bag! Arghhh! She is such a temptress! I love all the chosen Sparks items Natalie, especially your gorgeous bag!

    Love Jacqueline x