Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Rainbow's and Hope!

Rainbow's and Hope for life, light and love!

I don't know anyone who's spirits are not lifted when they see a rainbow, and as we have had some very dull and depressing weather of late, which is now due to turn to freezing conditions and snow, with awful financial prospects and low employment rates, we could all do with some hope, some light and even a chance of the fabled pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I would also like to make a rainbow blog dedication to Pauline (of Pauline's Candles) and her family, for whom rainbows have a very personal and sentimental meaning, giving her hope and peace of mind at times of sadness.

This is a rainbow, I captured from my front garden, only a couple of weeks ago. The whole family came out to look at it as it was so bright and vivid!

I recently discovered this wonderful designer yarn, (Deny's Brunton Magicolour) and once I started crocheting with it, could not put it down until I had used up every last fibre.

This is a delicate version of the rainbow, maybe a fairy rainbow with the emphasis on lilacs and mauve's. I managed to created a slouchy hat, scarf with floral corsage on a kilt pin, and a pair of fingerless mittens. All available for closer inspection, by clicking on the pictures.

Rainbow Feature Gallery!

I quested far and wide in the land of Folksy for rainbow inspired items, and these are a few of the stunning items discovered, I am sorry I could not included everything found, but the blog was becoming so long, so I hope you will continue to search for your rainbow, if it is not within this selection.

A beautiful Baby rainbow hat by the even more beautiful SusieJ of Over the Rainbow.

A gorgeous Rainbow Bottle stopper by a true Craftsman! Roy of Diggiwoodturning.

Can't locate a rainbow, how about trying to grow one, Rainbow seeds from Litt'lest Craft Shop.

A mixed gemstone and hued necklace from the colourful Rainbow Rocks.

A WOW of a sparkling Bracelet creation from Elinor Jenkins.

A Quartet of cards including an actual rainbow from Ghost Goose. Something for every occasion!

A colourful and cheerful makeup bag from the cheerful and not at all moody Trish of Moodycow!

Stunning and Starry Earrings from the angelic Lisa of Sweetpyroangel.

A gorgeous floral hair accessory from a Knitting Ninja!

A colour filled striped wonder from Lorna of Dab and a Dash.

And finally but by no means least:
A glitterball Bracelet creation by Sharon of SPJewellry.

Thank you for indulging me in my rainbow mood to brighten the dullest day! I hope it has cheered you as much as it has me!


  1. thankyou so much for including my bracelet, there are some lovely picks here, I love making the more colourful stuff...

  2. What wonderful rainbows in your collection. They have certainly cheered me up.Thank you for including my Bottle Stopper.
    What a lovely dedication to Pauline, please add my best wishes

  3. A big thank you for including my necklace! Its a personal favourite of mine so am delighted you liked it too! Everyone else has such lovely colourful items its put a big smile on my face :)

  4. What a lovely, uplifting blog ! Thanks for including me, and your kind comment !

  5. What a fantabulous blog all that colour,thank you so much for putting my make up bag in it ,it is difficult to choose a favourite as I love ALL of them !!
    Trish xx

  6. Thank you Natalie for your dedication to me and by family, I appreciate it very much and may your Rainbows bring you happiness and peace.

  7. what a beautiful array of colour! I love that sparkly bracelet

    Kate x

  8. Thank you for selecting my bracelet for this lovely collection! All of them put a smile on my face. Kate x

  9. Such a happy sight! We need a bit of that with the days being so dark!

  10. thank you for adding my hairclip! :D

  11. What a lovely read! Love all those rainbows they really lift the spirits. Your picture was lovely and I love the rainbow yarn, not surprised you couldn`t stop until you`d finished. The set is gorgeous. Linda

  12. What a gorgeous selection of colours you have chosen! I love the way the colours blend in your crocheted set!

    Jen x

  13. Such cheery finds! Great choices Natalie

  14. What a cheerfully colourful selection! Love your choices!

  15. Great colourful fun blog post and how kind to dedicate it to Pauline :o)
    Thank you for featuring my notebook.
    I am struggling to find a favourite amongst these fantastic items :o)

  16. this is a lovely blog post.. I love rainbows.. x