Friday, 5 November 2010

Folksy Friday! Sparkler Protection!

Sparkler Protection!

Bonfire Night! Firework's Night! Whatever you like to call it, but one thing that many of the children, and lets face it, adults will look forward to are Sparklers! Those little magical sticks that glow, flash, spark and leave tracer lines when you whiz them about in the air in front of yourself!

The most important thing to remember though, is that pretty though they are, they can be 'blinkin' hot and hand protection is essential, so mittens and gloves are essential.

So my quest today was to search out Sparkler Protection in the Folksy shops today.
Please click on the pictures to view the wonderful health and safety equipment for sparkler protection in situ in their shops!

The first is just a bit of adorable fun, but just had to include it! A wonderful mitten keyring!!!

Funky and colourful!

Bright and beautiful!

Autumnal tones!

Quirky and Fun!

Classic traditional design!

And to finish, my own little experiment, having never made full mittens before, something to look ahead to the festive Christmas season!

My mittens are a slim fit, suitable or ladies or an older child!

If you've lost your mitten's you naughty kittens, then pop over to folksy and grab some more before mother dear finds out!


  1. Sparklers yay! :-) lots of lovely glubs!


  2. fantastic blog. very good to keep up with sparkler safety, very important for the little ones and big ones alike!

    Amy x

  3. Thanks for the mention, deary! Ever so kind of ya !

  4. Great picks Natalie, I did knitted hats did anyone do scarfs I wonder lol

    Max :o) x

  5. Great mitts Natalie, thanks for showing off my teeny mitten keyring :)
    I love those red and white santa mittens.
    Millie xx

  6. A great selection! Thanks very much for including mine. Linda

  7. Brilliant selection of gloves and well done with your Santa mittens. Crocheting is something I never mastered so would have no clue where to begin with something like that!! I love Dawitchi's wrist warmers too but all your choices are great xx

  8. Yay! Fab selection of sparkler protection. Love them all