Friday, 26 November 2010

Folksy Friday: Spiders!

Invasion of Eight Legs!

Have you noticed that when the weather gets colder, visitors appear in you home, those of the eight legged variety. Don’t get me wrong, I think they do a marvellous job and I think spider’s webs with dew and mist on them are very pretty, but I do prefer to choose who to invite into my house.

In my home, the large hairy ones, that you see from the corner of your eye, as they scurry across the carpet, are always called Fred. If hubby is available, the Fred is trapped under a glass and escorted from the house, but if hubby is not home …. then the children are called to carry out the duty, and the hairy visitor is evicted, humanely, they usually take him across the road and deposit by the large oak tree, then run back, hoping that two long legs are faster than eight short ones.

Spider-tastic Feature Gallery

Just click on the pictures to ‘spin’ your way across the ‘web’ to these fabulous spider creations.

Cute and cuddly, sparkly and beautiful. or realistic and natural, these items are so well made, I’m sure anyone would love to own them. Please just click on the picture to be taken to the particular Folkster’s shop for a full description and additional photo’s.


  1. Oh I'm terrified of spiders!! Some of those are ingenious though, but I couldn't buy one and have it keep looking at me!lol

  2. Oohh, I love spiders! What a beautiful selection of spidery items!! I have one on a necklace, it gets mixed reactions of 'how cool' and 'urgh, how can you wear that round your neck?'!!

  3. Natalie - do you know that a bowl of conkers near a window will stop spiders coming into your house. Honestly! I've done it the past 2 years and had hardly any arachnids in my house, but still loads outside... try it!

  4. Thats a scary selection. Will have to try the conker method. Lovely choices though. Linda

  5. Fab Folksy Friday :) We have some mega spiders sharing our house this year.
    Thanks for including my itsy bitsy one xx