Friday, 19 November 2010

Folksy Friday! Mug Cosies!

Warm Cuppa's!

There is no greater pleasure than a piping hot cup of tea or coffee, and no greater disappointment to find that your longed for cuppa has gone cold whilst your mind was elsewhere, or you were busy with some task or other!

So I have decided to honour the humble mug cosy with this weeks Folksy Friday, there are so many styles and colours to choose from, that I was spoilt for choice!

Please just click on the pictures to be transported to the folksy shop in question, for full details and an in depth view of this and other products that the artisan has created.

I think the humble mug cosy makes a great gift for a lady or a gent, a superb gift for a teacher, a work's Secret Santa gift or a stocking filler for anyone who's a tea or coffee belly!
I hope you have enjoyed my choices today!


  1. What a great selection of mug cosies in a wonderful array of colours, just the thing to keep your cuppa warm!

  2. Definitely *the* gift this Christmas, if I might say so myself! Thanks heaps for the big up Natalie! You're a legend!

    Lisa x

  3. What a great idea! Fab selection, too!

    Debbie x

  4. Thanks for including one of my cosies! They're so useful... don't know how I coped before I discovered the wonders of mug cosies!

    Rhiannon x

    PS I miss being in the listing club :-(

  5. Great selection. I always forget I've made myself a cuppa:)

    Thanks so much for featuring my mug cosies.

    Leanne xx

  6. They'll keep us toasty! I'm drinking cold tea as I type!!

  7. What a fab selection of mug cosies! They will come in handy as my tea tends to get cold before I finish drinking it! Happy to say I have my eye on a few of them :-)

    Jen x

  8. Thanks for featuring one of my cosies, Natalie. A perfect Christmas pressie indeed!

    Sharon x

  9. An amazing selection of mug cosies and all so pretty. Linda