Tuesday, 2 November 2010

November Sparks! 2nd Day!

Organic Feel!

Anyone who knows me, will automatically understand that I love anything natural and organic in feel or nature, so today I have chosen to feature items from the November Sparks that embody that feeling! Items either created with natural products or mimicking nature in its full glory!

I am so pleased to find that within the Folksy community, so many other people enjoy crafting and supplying products that show nature in its fully glory!

November Sparks Feature Gallery!

If you too love the look, then please click on the pictures below to visit the items in situ in their shops, and review in full detail.

Personal Sparks Gallery!

My items today don't follow my blog trend at all! LOL!

I have a Crocheted Fantasy Elf Style Hat, which was supposed to be listed tomorrow, but I could not wait.

And a Oval Dagenham Fordite Pendant, with a fixed sterling silver bail, please click on the item for the full details on how Dagenham Fordite was created.

If you have enjoyed my choices today, please click on them and show the Sparks some Folksy love!


  1. Love your listings today!
    Thanks for featuring my pendant. Jacqueline's pendant it stunning and so unusual and Michelle's fascinator is amazing

  2. Lovely listings! I love Gemmas pendant and am sorely tempted by your hat! Fottie x

  3. That'll be Dottie then - need to go to bed lol!!

  4. Love your hat Natalie! You will be getting Custom Orders from Santa and the elves for them, I am sure of it - put a good word in to the sales fairy - she is friends with him you know!?!

    Thank you so much for featuring my Augen Jasper Pendant. I love it too, so may have to keep it if it doesn't sell!

    Love Jacqueline x

  5. I love anything natural, as it has real personality and beauty to it, Some people say Magic doesn't exist but it does, when you just look outside and at what nature gives us. xx

  6. Lovely picks Natalie, I adore your hat it's gorgeous and thank you so much for including my bracelet.

    Max :o) x

  7. Morning!

    Thanks for inclusion - REALLY like you hat Natalie. In this house there'd be a kitten hanging off the end - finding it hard making and photographing here - have to wait til the Kitten Sleeps (like having baby again)

  8. Fantastic choices, I love the nature theme! And your hat is fantastic - I don't think that it will be in your shop for too long xx

  9. LOVE the hat! ;o)
    And your other choices too, especially Jacquelines pendant xx

  10. Thanks for including me!
    Great choices, they look really good together.

    Love the Dagenham Fordite pendant, such a great story

  11. Love these items especially Gemma & Jacqueline's pendants and your hat Natalie-very cool. Are you making in red & green too? xx

  12. lovely items and ooh some more fordite I really love it :-)

  13. Lovely choices Natalie. Your fordite pendant is amazing!Jacqueline's is amazing too! Jo x

  14. Thanks for featuring my recycled tree envelopes :)