Saturday, 6 November 2010

November Sparks! Butterflies!

Recapturing Summer!

The day started off bright and made me think of summer, then descended into gloominess, which made me yearn for summer, so I have decided to showcase some little creatures that brighten everyones day, the pretty butterfly!

Not going to be too much waffle from me, just lots of pictures of butterflies, apologies that I have been unable to showcase everyone I found, but blogger started playing up on me!

Please click on the pictures the flutter over to the Folksy shops where these gorgeous creatures can be found.

Unfortunately, no butterflies in my shop, so here are the two items I listed today, at least they are colourful!

And useful!

I hope you don't mind me indulging myself with all the butterflies and please check them out in much more detail by visiting them in their shops!


  1. I'm thinking some sort of insect for the theme but I'm not sure which one :) Thanks for featuring my recycled badges!

  2. Thanks for including my 'butterfly' pendant. Is the theme good photos! I'm off to click on a few. I love the steampunk style metal one and the one with a purple background and very silvery shiny bits. Collection looks great.

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my madam butterfly hair comb, absolutely love all the butterfly items especially flonightingales, whimsical wren and esme dodsworth. gorgeous items as very through blog.*

  4. Hi Nat thanks so much for featuring me amongst so many gorgeous butterflies. I feel like i'm back in the butterfly house in Amsterdam zoo... Oh just to be there again, in the tropical warmth...
    xxx Mirjam

  5. thankyou so much Natalie for featuring my onyx bracelet, I am really enjoying being a part of the listing club - I can't believe I didn't join in for so long :)

  6. Oooh what a great the butterfly theme. Thanks for featuring my bracelet!

    I love the style of your new bag!

    Jen x

  7. I'm slightly obsessed with butterflies anyway! What a spectacular collection! Lots I don't recognise so off to have a look in some shops :)

    Thank you for including my book!

    Dottie x

  8. Thank you for including my coasters Natalie, that's a beautiful selection of Folksy goodies!
    Zoe x

  9. Thank you for including my butterfly card. I just love butterflies they are so versatile

    You have chosen so many beautiful things

    Jan x

  10. What a bounty of butterflies! beautiful picks Natalie, proud to be amoung them

    Max :o) x

  11. Wow, what a fantastic selection of butterflies and all gorgeous! Thanks for including my print.....they're all so lovely its hard to pick a favourite but Max's wire butterfly is so clever!


  12. Very honoured to be included with such gorgeous butterfly items, thank you Natalie. I own the Crown & Glory hairclips in white and they are so pretty, everything above makes me feel summery (especially as the sun is shining in Bristol right now!)

    Thanks again
    Flo x

  13. oooh lots of lovely items :-) love maxine veronicas butterfly. Thank you for including my butterfly earrings :-)

  14. Wow! What a huge collection of yummy butterfly goodies. I esp LOVE Max's brooch but would happily own everything you've featured. Thanks so much for including my orange butterfly earrings amongst such treasures.
    ps Congrats on reaching your 100th sale!