Saturday, 16 February 2013

Jollies to Folks!

January Jollies 
became the 
February Folks!

So sorry to be tardy with the update on how the daily listing club is continuing!  Life tends to get in the way, does it not?!?

As I am now officially redundant from the day job, I have been focusing on trying to find other regular paid employment, I would much rather craft full time, but bills as they are, we need another secure income to tied us over, at least until the mortgage is paid, so a few more years yet then!  

However, at 46 and redundant, not sure I am such a catch, employment wise, as I was a few years ago, so have not found a position as yet and life goes on, but, on the plus side, I have completed a commissioned order for a crocheted jacket and have two commissions for knitted jumpers, one almost completed and one yet to be started, so looking up on the orders side of crafting!

So .... looking back to update you, the January Jollies Daily listing club was amazingly successful!  
I always consider the  first few months following Christmas as being quiet months, but for some crafter's it was highly productive, not to mention profitable month!  

As a daily listing club, our collective tally for January was a stunning 387 sales!  A wonderful tally!

Our sales leader for the month was the super talented Helen from HelleBellesCards who's wonderful handmade cards fit every occasion, so please check out her fantastic shop!

February Folks!

February, our shortest month of the year! 
I put out the challenge, on the Folksy Forums, to see if anyone was interested in taking part in the challenge of daily listing during February; lots of familiar and new faces were keen to give it a crack and so far we have already surpassed 200 collective sales, which I personally think is AMAZING!

The peeps interested also voted on the unique name for the months club, with the overwhelming vote going to the February Folks!  
The Feb Folks are extremely talented and offer a wide variety of crafts and handmade items to suit and encompass so many genre's, style's and product's, so everyone should be catered for! 

Feb Folks Gallery!

I thought with all the miserable weather we've been having, a touch of summer might just be what we all need!

So have chosen some beautiful and inspiring items to share with you today, a mix of items that really made me smile, I hope they lift your heart too!

Please just click on the pictures to bathe in the sunlight and feel the warmth that these items embody.

Thank you so much for coming on my summer stroll with me!