Wednesday, 3 November 2010

November Sparks! Day 3!

Crocheted Loveliness!

I have been on a bit of a personal crochet marathon of late. I find crochet very relaxing!

And as I am so in love with this crafting medium at the moment, I wanted to share with you some other crocheted lovelies that I found listed on the 3rd day of the November Sparks Challenge!

Please just click on the pictures, to 'loop' back to these lovely items and get 'hooked' up with these shops! Sorry about the crochet puns!

A beautiful Newborn Baby hat in lovely autumnal shades!

Pink and brown fingerless mittens or handwarmers, stylish and practical!

Beautiful Aqua tones in this slouchy beret hat!

Dramatic black and red ruffle scarf!

A lovely hat, that can be worn in many ways!

Beautiful scarf, modelled so well, in lovely hand dyed yarn!

Personal Crochet Gallery!

I added my own crocheted items today, in silvery dove grey, a pair of fingerless mittens with a floral button detail at the wrist, and a beanie hat, also with a floral detail and a deeper grey large button detail.

If you too love the warmth and luxury of hand crocheted items, please take a closer look at these wonderful items, and keep warm, cosy and stylish this winter with Folksy!


  1. Yay! Great choices, as usual - loving your matching gloves and hat, Natalie!

  2. Thanks for featuring my hat! I love it all, but then again my *thing* is knitwear (or would it be crochetwear?)!

  3. Love all your choices, thanks very much for including my hat.

  4. Thanks for featuring my baby hat *BEEEG Smile*

  5. Gorgeous items! Love your hat and gloves!

    Debbie x

  6. Lovely stuff, I love crocheted things but crochet is one of the crafts I don't seem to be able to master. So I will be well tempted with crochet items with all these talented Folksy crafters.

  7. oooh lots of lovely things to keep you warm this winter, love the ruffle scarf good colours :-)

  8. Gosh Natalie you've been busy! I do love your raspberry mug cosy listed today. Crochet is one thing I really want to learn but don't seem to have time :) xx

  9. Lovely picks Natalie, I'm certainly feeling the cold now!

    Max :o) x