Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Mayhem Keyrings.

Keyrings and Handbag Charms.

Whenever you need a gift for someone who has everything, a simple, practical, useful and often very beautiful gift, for either a lady or a gent is a keyring, which can also double up as a bag charm.

My husband is a keyring fanatic, whenever we visit somewhere, he always seems to find a keyring to commemorate the trip, I am sure we have many more keyrings than keys to pop on them. Hubby also uses them as handy charms for the zips on his bags and cases, so no fiddling with silly little zip tabs.

So it was with hubby in mind that I first started to create my gemstone keyrings, I thought that if we were going to have to have tonnes of keyrings, we might as well have gorgeous ones and I am afraid I now too follow his obsession, however, I manage to part with mine as part of my folksy curios shop.

The latest keyring listed in my shop this morning is a faux malachite tear drop, ideal for anyone who loves green and very tactile too.

Folksy Fob Feature!

It looks like I am not alone in seeing the potential for the humble keyring, as when I decided to look within Folksy for others to feature in my blog today, I was greeted with 128 pages of them to choose from!

So .... I have decided on just a few in differing mediums and styles to show you the breadth of variety on offer within Folksy.

Please just click on the pictures to take a closer look at theses wonderful creations and the see what else these lovely shops have to offer.

I hope you have found that the humble keyring can be exciting and fun too.

Thank you!


  1. I hadn't realised quite how many charms and keyrings we had between us. I've been admiring yours Natalie and I am always fascinated by Oblue's work. Thank you for including my keycase.


  2. Great selection, and what a variety there is on Folksy. Just amazing!

    Thanks so much for including my 'Bees' wrist fob, Natalie. :)

    Rosie. x

  3. My boys absolutely have to have a keyring made of plastic from every place they visit. I'm trying to wean them off slowly or at least replace them with tasteful ones.

  4. Thanks for showing my pea pod! I must knit some more veg. You have a great selection here,

  5. The variety is amazing isn`t it. Love your choices. Linda

  6. Fab choices Natalie. Your faux malachite is fab. Loving Sue's keycase

  7. Thanks for featuring my leopard heart :) I love keyrings too and what a fab selection. Thanks again.

  8. Thank you featuring my fabric flower keyring Natalie. Great selection as always.