Thursday, 24 March 2011

Folksy Friday! Pure!


We have seen some beautifully clear, sunny, bright days of late and with the cold evenings, a crisp clear morning and then warm and sunny days, brings thoughts of clean pure light and fresh air, with hopefully Spring in the ascendancy and Summer approaching.

Folksy Feature Gallery.

With this in mind and also that I attempted an ACEO challenge on the Folksy forum
thread, to create a white on white still life, a challenge I was not sure would be possible for my limited talents, I have decided to showcase some wonderful and pure white and bright items from my Folksy friends today.

Please just click on the pictures, to trip the light fantastic across to these folksy shops, for the full details, descriptions and additional photographs of the items shown today.

This is the little Mixed Media ACEO I created for the white on white still life ACEO challenge. In the words of an Aussie animal loving artist, "Can you tell what it is yet?"

I hope you have enjoyed my clear and pure FF Blog today and will visit the shops featured, as I am sure the artisans would appreciate you taking a closer look at their items.


  1. im loving this weather, such fresh mornings! gorgeous post Natalie, your ACEO looks so delicate too xx

  2. Gorgeous picks hun and ur ACEO is beautiful :o) thanks so much for featuring my White 'Victoria' Bracelet & Earring Set xXx

  3. they all look great natalie
    i think i may be inspired to make something white (gasp!)
    brill folksy friday
    lisamarie x

  4. Oooh, I love the little crocheted bowl!

  5. Thanks so much for featuring my Rock Crystal Quartz necklace, Natalie. Your ACEO is lovely. I am inspired to create an ACEO myself - I just don't know where to begin!

    Lovely selection too!

    Love Jacqueline x

  6. White is pure , lovely collection Natalie

  7. fab picks Natalie your ACEO and that little white bowl is soooooooo cute!
    Trish xx

  8. Such a fresh theme, makes me think of lazy summer days. Great selection, thank you for including my handbag, much appreciated. Linda

  9. What a beautiful collection of pieces, Natalie. I think your ACEO is stunning - you are very clever!!

    Marie x

  10. Natalie, your choices look so peaceful and pure. Your ACEO is so beautiful.
    Jan X

  11. What a lovely collection natalie, thank you so much for including my little white crochet bowl.

  12. the weather has been lovely the past few days.

    Love your pure and clear items, so many lovely items :-)

  13. I love white!! Would love to wear white clothes but I just can't keep it clean with a mucky but very sweet 2yo boy climbing on me all the time!!

    Your ACEO is pretty and the crochet bowls are already in my favorites.

    Maria x

  14. Your ACEO is really creative, imaginative and fab Natalie. Lovely other 'pure' choices too. Jacqueline's necklace is stunning. Thanks for including my earrings amongst such yummy goodies

  15. considering the potty mouthed urchin i can rather chuffed to picked for a pure selection of blog items! especially amongst such wonderful company, its a great selection.

    thank you so very much for picking one of the new Ickle Imogen headbands :o)


  16. WOW, Natalie, your white on white ACEO is fantastic. Hope it sells soon. Well done on raising funds for Japan.