Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Good Bye Nutters, Hello Fruitcakes!

Good Bye Nutter's, Hello Fruitcake's!

Just saying good bye to the New Year Nutter' Folksy Daily Listing Club and a big Hello to the February club, which had a landslide vote for the name, February Fruitcakes!

So from Nutter to Fruitcake, I am sure we mad daily lister's will have a fruitful time in February, which is, as I am sure you know, a day longer being a leap year!

To say my fond farewell to the New Year Nutters, I would like to treat us to a feature gallery and also to announce that the reported collective sales tally, in these troubled and financially difficult times was a great 393 sales in total!

Nutty Feature Gallery!

To crack these nuts to see the contents in more detail, please just click on the pictures, to take you to the nut bowl in question!






   Thank you to all the Nutters and I hope the Fruitcakes will have a great monthly listing club, full of sales, fun and lots of banter and support from the fellow listers.


  1. Fabulous items! What a range!
    Many thanks for including my cosy, purple scarf.

  2. Don't we all make such a great range of beautiful and useful things!
    Great choices Natalie.
    I love fruitcake.
    Thanks for including my Kindle cover.
    Shirley x

  3. Apologies for the scruffy lay out, some of the links were not working, so tried to redo them, and then the lay out went squiffy, nothing wrong with the beautiful items, just my blogging skills are lacking.

    Natalie x

  4. Such lovely things. I am a proud Nutter and looking forward to being a fruitcake :)

  5. Thanks for adding my cheeky squirrel card to your selection of lovely items, seeing them all together makes me realise what a diverse set of crafters we are :-)

    Diane x

  6. Wow, smashing selection. Amazing when you think what wonderful items have been listed every day. Thanks for looking after us all Natalie


  7. I love the way you write Natalie - always makes me smile! What a wonderful selection! Thanks for including my bag.

  8. A gorgeous selection, thanks for including my canvas Natalie x

  9. Great choices Natalie, Such a great support as always. Thankyou so much for including my 2 items :) We can now be as nutty as fruitcakes.
    Linds x

  10. I swore I would give myself a rest this month but here I go again....definitely a Nutter and now a Fruitcake!! Thanks as always Natalie.


  11. I have always been a nutter and fruitcake, so feel well qualified to be part of the February listing club! Thank you so much for including my necklace in your selection today.

    Love Jacqueline x

  12. A Wonderful selection of items and so colourful, It was great being a Nutter and getting away with it lol, lets see what we can all get up to being a fruitcake :)
    Thank you so much Natalie for including 2 of my items.
    Jax x

  13. Thank you, Natalie, for including my cat notepads. Looking at this selection makes me proud to have been a Nutter and I'm now looking forward to being a Fruitcake!

    Debbie x

  14. Thanks for popping my bracelet in the wonderful selection of goodies. It's been great being a nutter and looking forward to being a fruitcake!
    Louisa x

  15. oh blimey!

    thank you so much for featuring 3 of my shops! :o)

    i cant believ how fantastic the sales tally has been during january...roll on february! :o)


  16. A fantabulous selection, they all look great. Thank you so much for including my scarf.
    A big THANK YOU too for all the hard work you put in to keep the daily listing clubs going.


  17. Thank you Natalie for featuring me and for all your tireless enthusiasm and dancing!

    Dottie x

  18. Lovely collection Natalie, I'm really missing the listing club!