Saturday, 11 February 2012

I'm having a Handbag Give-away Comp.

I am so exited to have reached 500 facebook likers for my business page, that I have decided to have a give-away to celebrate!

The competition winner can choose any handbag from my folksy shop free of charge!
The competition is open to all blog followers and facebook fans, both existing and the new followers that will hopefully come on board.

All you need to do to enter is to be a follower of my blog and to leave a comment on why you would like to win a handbag!

The comp will close on Saturday 18th February at 7pm, so lots of time to get your comments in. The winning comment will be chosen in some imaginative way decided by one of my children and the winning comment and follower will be emailed and featured on the blog!
(please make sure I know how to contact you)

Selection Treasury!

A small selection of the handbags I have in my folksy shop, but you can choose from any, here is the link to the handbag section.

Good luck to everyone and I am looking forward to reading your comments!


  1. Hi
    The other day I purchased a cheap handbag. My friend said "Isn't that like bringing coals to Newcastle!?" I have lots, of course, because I make them :-) but, I replied "I needed something to carry around all my junk". Owning one of Natalie's bags would be wonderful - they are just so beautiful! The difference is: I would LOVE (adore, care for, admire, etc.) one of Natalie's bags AND definitely not use it to carry around all my junk!!! Mind you, I would have a really difficult job choosing one!?
    Edwina :-)

  2. Why would I like to win a handbag you ask? A girl (yes I know I'm too old to be called a girl) can never have too many bags - especially us crafty girls. I love bags with double handles as they're perfect for toting various woolly projects going back and forth from my knit club group. Double handles means easy delving access. I've spotted quite a few that would be spot on for the job - top fave has to be the cream rose one though. Shaz x And many congrats on reaching 500 - won't be long until 4 figures ;) Just off to Twitter the comp...

  3. Many congratulations on reaching a great milestone - 500, wow!
    Please count me in a chance in the handbag giveaway, although they are all so lovely I think it would be hard to choose a favourite!

  4. Congratulations on the 500 milestone. A wonderful giveaway. I agree that you can never have too many handbags, especially such gorgeous ones. Would be very hard to choose a favourite, but I would bravely try if I won. Might take a few hours of backwards and forwards`ing though.


  5. Well done for reaching an amazing milestone! After years of telling myself I wasn't particularly into handbags, I have recently discovered that I am, in fact, addicted to them! And my plan is to have one in every colour! If I won, I would choose one of your handbags in a colour I still need; that would make the decision easier!!

    Debbie x

  6. 500 - what a benchmark - congratulations. I've already picked out the handbag I love most! lol Why would I like to win one? well as every other lady says, one can never have too many bag, and I wouldnt have to sneak this one past the OH! lol

    Faith x

  7. 500 is amazing - seems like yesterday we were starting to blog! I would like to win a small handbag? Why small....well now my youngest and last child is growing up I now no need to carry around nappies, wipes, spare clothes, mussies, drinks, snacks, toilet rolls, kitchen fact....heaven forbid I could go out with just my purse lol!!!

    Dottie x

  8. Well done Natalie on 500!!!! What a great giveaway, I haven't entered as I was lucky enough to win a lovely handbag giveaway before. Di xxx

  9. Well done Natalie! Those bags are lovely and I especially like the orangy yellowy one.... it sort of reminds me of the style of one of my art teacher aunties(this is meant in a good way!) Ellie xx

  10. Congratulations Natalie, you have some beautiful handbags and have put in lots of time and effort. Great giveaway.

    Shirley x

  11. Well done on 500 facebook likes :-) My daughter is bag (and shoe!) mad & likes to dress in her own way (not a slave to fashion) & a Natalie bag would just suit her personality & style.

    Diane x

  12. Congrats on 500 followers!

    My niece is at the age where she wants a bag like mummy and I'm sure she would love an Nofkants original!