Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Fruity Beginnings

February Fruitcakes!

February is going to be a fun and fruity month, the February Fruitcakes daily listing challenge club is well under way and we all ready have sales on the collective tally, how cool is that!

I have also been accepted onto Pinterest and am finding it very addictive, pinning wonderful creations from fabulous crafters and artisans all over my boards, and have already noticed that it has been rewarded with additional views to my shop, so hopefully is working for the other sellers too, if so this is defo the way to go to drum up interest and give support to fellow Fruitcakes!

If anyone wants to see my Pinterest boards, I can be found here:

Fruitcake Plate full of Goodies!

So do you fancy some fruitcake?  Well here is a selection to whet your appetite, please just remember that these are just fruitcake slices, the rest of the cake can be found by clicking on the picture.

I hope you have enjoyed your slice of fruitcake, but that it has left you hungry for more!


  1. Thanks for including my ceramic flower Natalie x I really love the top handbag - such gorgeous colours : )

  2. Thank you Natalie for including my crochet wristies. You've got a lovely selection here again. I want that Leyla bag!!

  3. They all look great together. Love the bag of Edwina`s especially.


  4. Great blog, Natalie. Thank you for including my bag and it is so nice that everyone has commented on it! Lovely selection today - I do love your apron of ties!


  5. I'm so impressed by your daily listings club:) Such a lot of work you all put in.

  6. what a great name for the listing club and what fab choices you have made..would be difficult to pick a favourite as they are all gorgeous.xx