Monday, 23 January 2012

Bi-Colour Gems!

Amazing Nature!

I've had a love of gemstones right back into my childhood, and was always amazed how mother nature managed to create such stunning colours, some of which only become apparent when we lowly beings get our stone polishers out, but even so, the beauty of the stones can sometimes be breathtaking.

Bi-Colour Gallery!

Today I would like to show you some bi-colour gemstones, where nature has seamlessly thrown together differing colour combinations, to give an amazing display and variation with the stone.

Please just click on the picture for more beautiful photographs and full descriptions of the stones in question.

I hope you have enjoyed my little indulgent view of gemstones today, many of which would make wonderful Valentine's Gifts, just point them out to those with the open wallet or purse.


  1. Thank you Natalie for including my Rainbow Fuorite Necklace in your blog, You have chosen a wonderful selection.
    Jax x

  2. such a beautiful selection of gemstones, thank you for including my necklace :)

  3. A gorgeous selection of gems. Love the tiger and the Flourite necklace set especially.

  4. Gorgeous!! I've had a love of gemstones from a young age too, think it stems from the fact my Dad is a geologist and used to make jewellery too. I love the amazing natural colours and patterns that you can get in gemstones, they have such character. I also swear I was a magpie in a previous life - must have all things sparkly lol! xx

  5. Thank you for including my necklace in your colourful collection, Natalie.

    Jacqueline x