Sunday, 16 January 2011

Valentine Gemstone Give-away!

Valentine Gemstone Keyring, or Handbag Charm Give-away!

Just as it sounds, I'm having a give-away, this time for one of my heart shaped gemstone Keyrings, or handbag charms if you prefer!

I'm a big romantic softy, and luckily for me, so is my hubby, in a quiet and manly way of course!

Here are the heart shaped gemstone keyrings I have available in the shop right now. Just click on the pictures to have a closer look and read the description.

All the rest of my keyrings and handbag charms can be viewed here.

How to enter the Valentines Give-away!

Easy Peasy!

  • Tell us one romantic thing your 'Love' has done for you.
  • Tell me which keyring you like and why.
  • Be a follower of this blog.

I'll start you off by telling you a romantic story, my then boyfriend and I took a holiday to Cyprus, a place I absolutely adore, and whilst there, he decided it would be lovely to have a mini cruise to the Holy Land, which was amazing.

We had a wonderful time, and whilst in Bethlehem, looking in the local shops, he insisted we look at jewellery and such like, not a problem for me, lol! He pointed out some diamond rings and said "What do you think of these?" "Lovely" I said, "but I already have a ring I wear all the time" to which he replied, "Well ... you can have it for an engagement ring if you like!"

I did say he was quietly romantic in a manly way!

We'll have been married 19 years in April, so things worked out well for us!

I'm looking forward to reading your romantic stories.
The Give-away will close at 7pm on the 1st of February, so come and join the fun!


  1. I'd love to tell you a romantic story, but sadly I'm still waiting for my first real romance to happen, never give up hope I say!
    My favourite of your heart key rings is the Heart of Morocco one, as the colours are so lovely and delicate. Hope I can still enter your competition:)

  2. Of course you can Margaret! Tell you what you can share my romantic story.

    Natalie x

  3. My goodness, let me think, hmmmm well the darling husband I haver to say is always romantic in a way, he treats me very well, cooks, cleans, helps with the children, and so cannot put it down to just one thing really, shall that do ;0) I ADORE the fluorite one, so pretty, the colours really shines through. My son has a heart condition and had a ballooning when he was 3 months old, and I love all heart related things, as it reminds me how special my son's heart is :0) Thank for a lovely giveaway xxxx

  4. love this one:

    I love my husband to pieces but unfortunately he is the most unromantic person I know. He always says I would rather buy a cd you can keep than flowers that die...sometimes flowers would be nice :o)
    {Dab and a dash>}

  5. Romance isn't huge in this house - have little one off sick today and he has taken my Folksy Parcels to the Post Office for me which really is as good as it gets.

    I like the first and last Jasper one but actually love them all!

    Kisses and Love (Long time Stalker) X

  6. Romance is all but gone - still madly in love, though, does that count? We've been married 22 years on April 1st - and "they" said it wouldn't last. Things were different in our youth. This might take a while; are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin...

    Many years ago, 1986, to be precise I met a young man, then 18 - I was 20. After 6 weeks of courting, one night, whilst sitting on his bed, he said to me, "Will you spend the rest of your life with me?"
    Me, being a simple soul, replied, "Are you asking me to marry you?".
    "No", says he, I'll ask you to marry me when the time is right".
    Oh, OK, me thinks, and nothing more was said.

    The next night we were sititng on his bed, again, and out of nowhere he suddenly says, "Will you marry me?".
    I replied, "I thought you were going to wait until the 'time was right'?", to which he said, "The time IS right".
    I'm afraid I fell off the bed laughing.
    Didn't stop me going out the very next day and buying my own engagement ring. I met him from work that day and presented it to him, for him to give it back to me.

    8 months later we were homeowners, living 150 miles away from "home" and not even a year together. God help me if my kids pull a stunt like that!
    And here we still are, many trials and tribulations down the road, but still together and happy.

    Ahh, I'm all dewy-eyed now.


  7. PS, If I'm luck enough to win, I'd like the Moroccan Heart



  8. When we were trying for a baby (Holly is now nearly 12) I asked my husband what he would do when I fell pregnant - to which he replied that he would wrap me up in cotton wool. Sure enough, on the same day that we got a positive result, he disappeared, only to return with three industrial sized rolls of cotton wool. I didn't actually let him wrap me in it, but it was very sweet, and still makes me smile even now.
    Shoud I win I love the Plume Jasper heart, beacause it's like staring up into a starry sky...

  9. Has this got to be recent?!!Ummmmm........... My huband bought me home a crunchie the other day, that was good!
    Natalie what a great question, you have got me thinking about all the lovely thngs in our lives.
    When we were 'courting' we had just had a lovely trip to Portmerion and had spent some time looking at the pottery. That Christmas my then boyfriend gave me a set of Portmerion dinner plates, which my family took as a marriage proposal!
    Ever practical, but the plates are still going strong as well.
    I love all the keyrings, my fave is the jade laughing buddha.
    Millie xx

  10. If it was a fave of the heart ones it would be the tigers eye,
    Millie xx

  11. I have so many. My hubs is a real romantic...or was ;)

    When we were dating we lived at opposite ends of Dorset, so didn't see each other as often as we would have liked. One day I took the bus to visit him where we was living in Lyndhurst. We took a walk around the village where I admired a picture in an Art gallery of a Hippo on a beach. The next time I visited we went for another look and the picture was gone :( It turned up on Christmas Day.

    Another Christmas he made an advent calendar out of a box and hit pressies behind each door. The last pressie was a box with a piece of string marked pull me. I pulled and out popped a bauble. I struggled opening the bauble so he took it off me kneeling in front of me. Lo and behold it held a ring. He then proposed on one knee...dressed as Santa Claus. Unbeknown to me he was also videoing the whole thing. I of course said "yes"

    Of all the lovelies in your shop, I would have to choose the Crinoid Fossil Jasper keyring. It is very me.

  12. Mmm, romance? Not any more, but when we were going out in the early days, my now husband wrote a song about me (a very soppy one) and used to sing it to me frequently. My favourite is the striped agate, but I wouldn't kick any of them off my keys!

  13. I love the tigers eye heart, I hav always loved Tigers eye, my first ever ring was a silver and tigers eye that my parent bought me just before my mother died.

    Me and hubby never had a a honeymoon, we just couldn't afford it and then the children came along and we had loads of great family holiday but never on our own, . Our first ever holiday on our own, 21 years after we got married was to New York, and knowing I love Art Deco he took me to the chrysler buildings and then to the top of the Empire State building where he told me he loved me, for a man that finds it hard to express himself it was very romantic.

  14. Me and my boyfriend saved up for a once in a lifetime road trip around France this summer in a lovely convertible car. We went to lovely places like Paris, Monaco, St Tropez, and whilst staying in Cannes (our favourite of all of the places we stayed) he proposed on Cannes beach n a very hot, beautiful summers day. It was the most magical and wonderful thing in the world.

    P-S I like the tigers eye keyring the most!

  15. I like this one the best :o)

    My lovely Dr doesn't do romantic things very often lol he did get me a lil silver plated love heart sweet for christmas tho (was sposed to be for our anniversary but one of my xmas pressies dint come in time lol)another time was when I was down the one day and when he came to my house he had bought be this single flower from Londis on the way up I dunno wot the actual name of the flower is but I nearly wet meself when I saw it cos it looked like a red lilypad with a yellow willy hanging out of it pmsl :oP xXx

  16. I don't have any kind of significant other apart from my cat Monty and he loves me as long as I feed him regularly!
    I'd love to win the plume jasper heart :)

  17. I love the Double Heart Tiger's Gemstone...

    My Hubby is quite romantic, he often just brings me flowers :o)

    However for my 30th he really went to town and booked me time off work, booked flights to Nice & a helicopter transfer to Monaco to the most amazing hotel.

    We had been married 3 years so it is terrible that it nearly all didn't happen as the flights were booked in Mr & Mrs but I hadn't bothered to change my name in my passport - oops! Worked in the end though!

    Dottie x

  18. The hearts are all beautiful but my favourite is the Tiger's Eye one.

    My hubby and I have been together since we were 13! we celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary in may. I am lucky he is romantic and often surpises me with flowers or a lovely meal.

    The day before my 30th birthday Justin collected me from my saturday job with our 2 children (we now have 4). He told me we were going on a 'mystery tour' I soon realised we were on our way to Brighton where he had booked us a gorgeous suite in The Grand Hotel as he wanted me to wake up on my birthday to the sound of the waves rolling in! My wonderful hubby had sorted out clothes, toys etc for all of us, ironed and packed it all and even packed my make up! Needless to say we had a wonderful time!

    Mimi x

  19. Hiya!

    On your first Valentines day, he suprised me by turning his bedroom into a beautiful love nest. We didn't have enough money to do some fancy shmanzy so....He cut out about 100 hearts out of red paper and stuck them all over the walls and ceiling. He got out some xmas lights and managed to create an 'i love you' out of fairy lights on his wall. He played the most romantic songs. He put rose petals on his bed AND he hid lots of chocolates,a teddy and other pressies all over the room. I literally burst into tears as I was so overwhelmed...such a sweetie!

    I'd love to win your 'envious' heart key ring with the beautiful bluey stripes.



  20. I love the colours in this Tiger Eye Heart

    I always have thoughtful gifts from my OH, one of my Christmas gifts was the surprise bead making course I have been on today, which I absolutely loved!

  21. Hello there, I'd like to enter this fab competition, I'm not sure which romantic event to choose, he is always there for me, I could choose the time he stood up on a chair in a resturant and tell everyone how much he loved me, or taking me away for my birthday or all the love letters and messages he leaves me but I'd probably say the first cd he made for me, with songs I'd never heard of but now well never forget.
    And I would choose the enviuo heart eyring.
    Zoe xx

  22. Well I'm 20 years old, me and the other half have been together 7 years this year.

    We've had a very long road together so far, I met him when I was 14 and he was 17; we've been together ever since.

    The first time I went abroad with his family, for his dad's 50th when I was 15, we went to Egypt Sharm El Sheihk and it was the best holiday in the world. In 2006 we travelled around Scandenavia; Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki and finally stopping off at Tallinn-Estonia; just me and thee. We took a romantic weekend away to Paris that same year and have travelled to multiple places ever since.

    It's been a hard year from us commencing 2008; my first year at uni; the first year I moved in with him and his father tragically passed away in a motorway accident :(. I developed and was diagnosed with depression in December 2009 and I do still have it. I know though I will never be fighting this battle alone. My otherhalf never lets me forget that it isn't 'my' illness, but 'our' illness. Every battle we'll fight together, and he;ll always be here. I always say to him; but you have a choice. To which he firmly says no; because I am his world.

    I love him so very much; he keeps me grounded and gives me my drive to succeed. My Jay. Now work out why I'm called Jaysmonkey. :-)

    <3 xxx

  23. Bamboo Jasper is my fave, just because it looks so different.

    OH not romantic, cant think of a thing - we have been together 14 years and married for 7 years on February 14th, does that count? He did just buy me some lovely earrings from Leopard Bee on Folksy too.