Saturday, 1 January 2011

Resolution Revolution Day 1!

Happy New Year and Viva La Revolution!

As we see in a New Year, it bodes well to look back to the listing club for December and say a massive thank you to the December Elves, that made it such fun and enjoyed fabulous collective folksy sales of 1418 for the month!

Thank you for being such industrious Elves and making my first Christmas on Folksy such a memorable one!

Auspicious date 1.1.11!

All the ones, did anyone notice? As we are individual sellers, the number one is quite apt, however, all the ones together, is also very auspicious, as we collectively move forward together in the daily listing club for January.

As we approached January and a New Year, those that wanted to take part in a daily listing club, made themselves known and were asked to suggest a name and vote on their most popular choices.

The most popular name chosen was Resolution Revolution, a bit of a tongue twister, but all the more memorable for it.

The clever peeps, who know how to use twitter and such like, have opted for a shortened nick name version for the tag of ResoRevo, which has a real ring to it.

So we all hope to be resolute and list every day for the month, please come and support us in our personal challenge!

Resolution Revolution Gallery!

My personal listing for today, a knitted and crocheted handbag in a wonderful spring green yarn!

I have chosen some of my favourites art pieces from today’s listing to share with you today, please click on the pictures, to revolve through the web to their shops, to view the items in more detail!

I so wish I could draw and paint and am very envious of those that can.

I hope you have enjoyed my chosen items today and be resolute and join us in our revolution! Thank you!


  1. They are all so wonderful! Thanks for including mine. Love the handbag such a pretty colour

  2. Thanks Natalie for coming up with great idea of daily listing club and being consistent & committed throughout.
    Joining the club really pushed me to an extent that everyday I think whether I have a listing for the following day but at the same time my learning curve had been sharp.
    Thanks again ! Hope 2011 gives up a step ahead to move forward.

    Happy 2011..

    Not the least thanks for including my work in your lovely collection.

  3. I love all the art that is appearing, it`s wonderful. Thank you for showing my beatles pic, much appreciated. Thanks again for all the hard work you do in keeping the listing clubs going.

  4. Thanks for including my little Corfe Castle ACEO ( or should I say YOUR ACEO now?). I particularly like RedPaints Berries too

  5. yay hears to a fab new year :-) lots of lovely art works :-)

  6. Happy New Year to you Natalie!

    Wonderful choices from the talented Folksy team for the New Year! I can't wait to see more!

  7. A great set of shows! Happy New Year love Annie xx