Thursday, 30 December 2010

Massive New Year Gemstone Give-Away!

I have decided to have another give-away for 2011 and I hope it is something that people will really get into and treasure, because that is what you will win!

The reason for the Give-away, simple, I have loved being part of folksy and would like very much to say thank you, this is my little way of doing this!

The give-away is for one of my Gemstone Keyrings, or handbag charms if you prefer, and the winner can choose ANY gemstone keyring in my shop! Yep, you read that correctly, any gemstone Keyring / handbag charm at all!

All you need to do to enter is to:
Be a follower of my blog.
Leave a comment to tell us what is your favourite gemstone and why.
Leave a comment on which gemstone keyring or keyrings you like and why you would like to win one.

Ideas might include, colour of the gemstone, meaning, shape or even believed healing or mystical properties of the gemstone.

Some Example Gemstone Keyrings from my Curios Shop:
Here is the link to all the Keyrings / handbag charms in my shop:

Please come and join in, easy peasy to do and if you win, you get a lovely gemstone item, which you can keep for yourself, or give to a loved one!

The give-away will close at 7pm on Monday 6th January 2011, so get your entries in!

Thank you all in advance!


  1. I love all of your keyrings but if forced to pick a favourite it would be the Vibrant Embers keyring

    I love the colour but I really like the simplicity as well, the stone is gorgeous enough that the unfussy shape is perfect for it:)

    Leanne xx

  2. I adore your sea sediment jasper - it's so unusual

  3. This is my absolute favourite, your sea sediment jasper, but there's so many beautiful keyrings in your shop it's hard to choose:
    I love it because it's such a gorgeous colour with lovely markings on it, and I'd love a new keyring right now so this would be perfect if I won!

  4. You find such lovely stones for your keyrings, I love the sea sediment jasper, and the walnut jasper, I need a new keyring as the teddy bear fell off my back door key a couple of weeks ago!

  5. There are so many that I love, but these are the ultimate favorites. The large Labradorite keychain as I love labradorite so much. The Laughing Buddha and the Amazing Amazonite keyrings. I could go on but should probably stop there.
    What a wonderful give-a-way.

  6. Its hard to choose but I think it would be this one Envious Heart, Green Striped Opaque Agate Keyring / Handbag Charm I just love the shade of green and I love hearts too!

  7. I think It would have to be this little fish keyring

    I love the shape and I have a real 'thing' for orange! I like the black fish too - he reminds me of a friends fish from when we were at Uni!

  8. They are allstunning Natalie, but ive always had my eye on the love knots, so beautifully carved.

    happy new Year

    Kellie xx

  9. Hard to choose. They are all wonderful. I think the Crinoid Fossil Jasper Keyring. Fantastic giveaway!
    Millie x

  10. I love so many of your keyrings but the sea sediment jasper really stands out for me.

    Happy New Year! Lorraine x

  11. I am so jealous of where you live, one of thesedays I will make it up there and have a lo.ok for myself for fossils, you really do have some amazing items in your shop and I imagine your personal collection is even more spectacular!
    If I had to choose it would probably be your sea sediment jasper, as with everyone else, its the little fossils that grab my attention, it is really beautiful

  12. Well this is difficult. But my favourite at the moment (yes I do change my mind) is your latest addition. The bamboo jasper one. There's just something about the shapes and colours in the jasper that make me love it :) Good luck everyone and Happy New Year xx

  13. What a fantastic giveway Natalie. I love all of your keyrings/charms but its surprisingly easy to pick a favourite - its the cream jade carved dragon! I really love it - its so beautiful. I think it stands out for me because I've always loved anything oriental!

  14. I've become a follower of your blog and love all the keyrings. My favourite is the Amazonite Heart Keyring. I love the shape and unusual colouring of the stone. I also collect gemstones and having got any Amazonite as yet.

  15. Great giveaway Natalie :-) Very difficult to choose between them but I absolutely love

    I think it's the combination of the colour and the shape that make it simply stunning.

    Dottie x

  16. I love this one and the colours are so funky! But maybe its just cos I'm starting to get broody as it looks like a pregnant mother earth lol xXx

  17. Fab giveaway! I think this one is my favourite! It's both beautiful and unusual and the it is complemented by the gold tone keyring.

    Jen x

  18. Hi Natalie, if I had to choose (although it is a tough choise)then malachite is my fav gemstone!

    I think out of your keyrongs I rather like the good fortune pig...

  19. Hi Natalie I love them all but think my fav has to be the good luck clover :)

  20. I love the leaves, hearts, orange one, red ones...I love them all but after a lot of thought this one just leaps out at me every time:
    It reminds me of my toddlers happy face..if only the Buddha had curly hair...

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