Friday, 10 December 2010

Folksy Friday! It's CHRISTMAS!!!!

Unashamedly Christmassy!

It’s getting closer and closer by the second! Do you have a set of over exited children in your house? I do, not to mention the adults!

Decorations will be going up on Monday and the house will officially decked out for the festive season. When my children were smaller, we used to put the decorations up when they were in bed, and act just as surprised in the morning, say that the elves must have been and decorated the house, but as they have become older, one by one they became honorary elves and we put them up together.

So as the excitement builds, I thought it would be super fantastic to feature unashamedly Christmassy items found in our folksy shops.

Festive Folksy Features!

Just pinpoint your curser on the pictures and click to dance and prance over to the shops and peruse the item at your leisure, with a mince pie and spot of your favourite Christmas tipple.

These first few are my own Christmassy creations.

And then items from Fellow Festive Folksers!

I hope you have enjoyed my unashamedly Christmassy Folksy Friday.

Please just click on the picture to be taken to the particular Folkster’s shop for a full description and additional photo’s.


  1. Thank you sweetie! We are all a bunch of unashamedly Festive Folksters, aren't we!

  2. thanks for featuring my westie gift tags :) i love unashamedly christmas stuff!

  3. Thaks for including my holly tealight holder - these picks are getting me in a festive mood:)

  4. Oh WOW! Don`t they all look lovely together like that. I am going to have a go at putting pics side by side over the hols.
    Lovely selection, thanks for including my cosy.

  5. That looks fabulous, I just scrolled up and down a few times, just to look at the wonderful display. I still love your Santa hat btw!

    Thanks for including one of my Christmas Shopping Bags too.

    Hoping to find time to do our decs this weekend too, no elves in this house, just one over worked fairy:)

    Lynda x

  6. All those christmas items look lovely together! Such a lovely selection, thank you for including my wine glass charms :)

    Kate x

  7. What a lovely selection of festive goodies! Many thanks for including my brooch :)

  8. Thank you so much for featuring my red angel. How lovely to see all of the Christmas items. Merry Christmas everyone x