Thursday, 19 August 2010

Autumnal Folksy Friday!

Autumnal Feelings?!?

Is it just me is does it feel as though Autumn is already upon us? The weather forecasters predict doom and gloom, giving weather warnings and dire prospects for sunny and warm weather?

However, it is not all doom and gloom, I adore the changes of the seasons, and Autumn is such a beautiful season! The weather may not be as warm but the colours are rich and vibrant and all the season fruit and berries is a bounty of nature just too good to resist!

So lets celebrate the approach of Autumn and review some of the varied Autumnal products found within folksy right now!

Autumnal Folksy Harvest!

Without trying to sound corny, hands off these mittens, as I have already bagged them from the lovely Lisa, but she has so many other wonderful crocheted items in her shop, just click on the picture below and review some of the other items she has on offer.

What could be more Autumnal than the wonderful mushrooms and fungi in our countryside, but don't eat this one from Clootielugs, it is for decoration only.

Amy of Amyorangejuice fame has really captured the colours and feel of Autumn in this glass panel!

Leanne of SeetheWoods has many autumnal coloured and inspired creations in her shop, but this is one of my favourites!

Jacqueline's choices in colours in this pretty Citrine and Fire Agate Necklace are just stunning combined together! JAustenJewelleryDesign has a wide variety of colour choices and gemstones to suit everyones preferences

Naomi of Gnomead's woolly Autumnal Shawl with natural beech button is the exact item needed for the coming cooler evening weather!

This wonderful bracelet by Mi Mi B, entitled Autumn Leaves, has all the seasons colour combinations in one!

And finally one of my own Autumnal additions to the Harvest collection, an Agate Gemstone leaf set as a keyring or handbag charm, whichever you prefer.

If you too are inspired by the Autumnal colours, then please visit the harvest by clicking on the pictures to be taken to these lovely and talented folksy peeps and review other items in their shops.


  1. What a lovely blog! I love autumn too - the colours are wonderful. I am quite looking forward to it really!

    Thank you for featuring my citrine necklace. I love your keyring Natalie.


    Jacqueline x

  2. Some really beautiful choices there Natalie - ooh yes, the gloves in particular....but I love all the rest as well - I am especially fond of the mushroom brooch!

  3. Lovely choices! I love autumn too, I think it is very nearly here now. I nearly bought those gloves myself, they are gorgeous! x

  4. Fantastic choices Natalie I love them all!!

  5. Beautiful items! I recently bought an item from Amy Orange Juice, a lovely boat mobile! Love it! Love the bracelet too!


  6. Great choices, I love them all, shame it feels like Autumn already!

  7. Great theme and choices.Especially love Leanne's bag.xx

  8. What a fantastic blog. Autumn is my favourite time of year. I love the choice of items too.

    Amy x

  9. Its definitely very Autumny here today, a bit damp but not grey and a bit of a chill in the air. You've picked some really gorgeous things for Autumn and thank you for including my bag:)

  10. You got the mittens! I am so jealous :) Lovely FF, I love autumn, I love the colours, I love running through and kicking piles of leaves, and my birthday is the end of September, what is not to love! x

  11. I love the mushroom brooch. I can't believe Summer's nearly over already

  12. I know how you feel autumn seems to be on our doorstep :) Lovely choices though! xx

  13. It feels like summer has barely started and now autumn is nearly here! I had my eye on those fingerless gloves by Lisa (Lemonade and Lamingtons) - I'm so jealous you got them!
    A great collection, thanks for sharing :)

  14. my favourite season :) love the colours natalie...and nice gloves you've got yourself!!
    have a great weekend xx

  15. Beautiful picks!
    It does feel like Autumn is on it's way.

  16. Autumn is my favourite season and with the thunderstorms and leaves changing colour already it is easy to believe its on its way loving Leannes bag!

  17. Some lovely choices Natalie - I really like the greens in the bracelet. x