Monday, 23 August 2010

A Team - 23rd August!


The A Team Augusteers are going strong, during this holiday month! Traditionally a quiet month for selling in general, unless you happen to own a tourist souvenir shop! But given all of that, the A Team have already netted over 400 sales this month! Go A Team!

In the Pink!

I have been away on holiday myself, so have missed listing for the first few weeks, and have tried to get back on track by listing a few items a day in an attempt to catch up a little. Here are two of the various listings so far.

A little girls crocheted Aran sleeveless Jacket or waist coat if you prefer, and a Rose Quartz Gemstone Eternal knot keying or hand bag charm.

If you like what you see and would like to peruse the other items I have listed so far, please click on either picture and it will link you to my shop!

A Team Feature Treasury!

I have decided today to feature symbolic or themed items from my fellow A team members.

A wonderful Alice in Wonderland bracelet with an Autumn feel, perfect for this season!

Patriotic ink stamping anyone!?!

Here is something that hits the mark! Aim true and visit this shop!

And for those Twilight fans out there, this necklace is just perfect!

Please click on the pictures to be transported to the wonderful folksy shops where you will be made most welcome!


  1. Thank you for featuring my Alice bracelet natalie.
    Much appreciated. Love the knitted waistcoat.

  2. Thanks for the mention! I'm loving doing the August A-team challenge, it's giving me real momentum to get my Folksy shop all stocked up and I'm getting lots of interest too :)

  3. Skullandcrossbuns' stamp is fab! You're having a very pink day Natalie!

  4. Thanks for including my 'Fang' Necklace!
    Love the Rose Quartz Keyring!