Thursday, 26 August 2010

Turtle Power Folksy Friday!


As the Teenage Ninja Turtles used to say "Kowabunga!"

During our holiday in Cyprus, my children suddenly discovered that they had a companion swimming along beside them. Of course they came straight out to let us know and by this time the little chap had swam to shore and was drawing a crowd.

We quickly alerted the beach life guard, who called the Turtle sanctuary. It turned out this little chap had had some sort of a knock, or collision and was a little disoriented, so they took him back to the sanctuary to recover, before being released back in to the sea.

Cyprus boasts the only beaches in the Med where two endangered species of turtle reside, the Loggerhead and the Green Turtle.
So in celebration of our new friend I have decided to have a turtle power Folksy Friday!

And taking a quick look on Folksy for Turtle themed items, I was not disappointed!

My own little addition is this Hematite Turtle Keyring or Handbag charm

Folksy Friday Turtle Treasury!

Please click on the pictures to swim across to these folksters shops for the full details on their wonderful creations.

A beautiful piece of contemporary artwork!

Some cute and adorable turtles in funky tones!

A stunning card that anyone would love to receive!

Too Cute! Functional and Gorgeous at the same time!

Just stunning!!!!

Funky Colours and Aqua Tones!

OK some of these are heading toward the Tortoise, but all have a shell and are super cute!

If you love Turtles, nature or just gorgeous items, please check out these items in more detail.


  1. Love them! All of them!! Awwwwww I wanna make something turtle like now..... :)

  2. Oh my god Natalie, i almost did mine on Turtles this week as we saw a loggerhead turtles nest being opened on our holidays and i blogged it the other night! amazing photos and your Cyprus summer looked brilliant....have a lovely weekend xx

  3. Lovely picks! That silver tortoise is beautiful :-)

  4. Lovely lovely turtles!! And wasn't the Cyprus turtle a cutie!!!

  5. How fantastic! I love turtles! Love the silver necklace, it's beautiful xx

  6. Wow Natalie that turtle is huge, when you said 'little chap' I was expecting to see a baby one. How exciting! I love Rosie Plumpton's little amigurumi turtle, very cute. x

  7. Lovely photos of the Cyprus turtle - how exciting! And what a lovely selection of turle inspired items - love Wellydog's pendant :-)

    Sam x (A Simple Melody)

  8. Cute little turtles- so sweet! :))

  9. Thats quite a pleasant surprise ...
    Love your theme and collection.


  10. Gotta love turtles! Lovely items, and lucky you getting to see the real deal up close in Cyprus!

  11. What a lot of amazing turtles!