Saturday, 11 September 2010

September Stars! 11th Day!

Opposites Attract!

And you can't get a more defined opposite than black and white!
To me black and white is the perfect combination, crisp, modern and true. When I think of black and white, it brings to mind the written word, knowledge and a marriage made in heaven!

Five Fave Features!

Today I have chosen to feature five sellers that have not been on my Stars blog so far this month and choose one of their black and white items for you to 'read all about'!

I hope that the black and white items I featured from these Stars today, will 'attract' you to their shops. please just click on the pictures for a closer inspection of these items.

Personal Stellar Treasury!

I have been a busy girl and listed more than one item a day, due to up coming work commitments, I wanted to ensure that I could be sure to have enough items listed in lieu, just in case I have a day when I have less time to list.

So please take a quick peek at my little stellar treasury below, and by clicking on the pictures, you will be able to read, in black and white, the full items descriptions in my folksy shop!

Thank you!


  1. Lovely! I really like the hot water bottle - I always freeze! Love your autumnal bag, Natalie.

    Jacqueline x

  2. Love the black and white theme - very classy. Thank you so much fro featuring my Union Jack bag xx

  3. Natalie, thank-you for including my beads in your blog - what great items. I, too, love the colours in your Autumnal Bag.

    Thanks, again.

  4. Great choices, the black and white goes so well together!

    I also love the colours in your autumnal bag :)

  5. Thanks for including my earrings in your striking selection, I'm loving the Union Jack bag, and your black and white fossil key ring.


  6. Thank you Natalie for including my bunting!...I have to agree black and white are fab together.

    I love your little pouch purse..would be great in black and white!! ; )

    Marie x

  7. Fab choices. Love the dramatic combination of b&w. Deborah's earrings are fab

  8. Gorgeous items, love black and white. Your own items are lovely as always!