Thursday, 16 September 2010

Folksy Friday 'Get an Eifel of Paris!'

Eiffel Hopes!

My 12 year old son has gone to Paris for the weekend, on a school trip as part of his French lessons, to experience the French language in situ, so to 'parler' (speak), what is the betting that he will come home having gained no more french Vocabulary, but having enjoyed the experience all the same.

He was a little disappointed yesterday, as he came home with a letter from school to say, as there had been a 'hoax' bomb threat in the vicinity of the Eiffel Tower, the planned trip to the tower would now not go ahead, this is one of the things on the itinerary he had been really looking forward to, so with this in mind, I have Eiffel Towered to the max for him.

Please 'Regardez' the items below and by clicking on them, to take a virtual tour of all things Eiffel Tower!

No matter what you may think of the French, you have got to love the majesty of the Eiffel Tower and the romantic nature that Paris inspires.

Bon Voyage my Baby and have a good weekend in France!


  1. C'est magnifique Folksy Friday Natalie!

    Thanks you for including my Paris Necklace amongst this fab Folksy collection! Some of your choices are already favourites of mine, but you have also introduced me to some new ones!

    I'm sure your son will have a brilliant time!


  2. Merci bien Natalie, thanks so much for including my card! I hope your son has a fantastic time (despite not getting to the Eiffel Tower). Love the other items you've chosen xxx

  3. Tres beau! J'adore Silent Theatre's print. Fab other finds too

  4. C'est une collection tres tres jolie!

  5. Lovely picks Natalie. Thank you for including my I remember Paris necklace. Hope you have a lovely weekend x

  6. Some great picks Natalie. So many people seem inspired by the city - and no wonder really!
    Hope your son has a fabulous time.

  7. this is such a gorgeous time of year to visit sure he'll enjoy his trip even without a visit to the eiffel tower!

  8. J'adore Paris .......I know he will have a fab time ,when I was 18 I went to work as a nanny in Paris ,was there for 2 years and loved it.I am loving the lavender bags by Vintage Dreams.

    Anyone watched "French Kiss" with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline ...lovely film ,Kevin Kline makes a brill french man!!
    trish xx

  9. Yes I have seen that film, I must admit Meg Ryan is stunning, like a little blond pixie!

    I'm a sucker for a romantic film and a rom com even better.

    Natalie x

  10. I love the theme you have narrated, Good wishes to your son for his trip.
    Thanks for featuring my work.