Tuesday, 7 September 2010

September Stars, 7th Day!

Where's the Birdee!

Wow! The September Stars have been watching the birds flying in the Autumnal skies, become inspired and have listed a whole 'flock' for us today!

Feathered Feature!

I was amazed to notice so many bird themed items today, I felt it only fair to let them 'preen', 'chirp' and 'flutter' onto this blog and be seen in all their glory!

Please just take a 'peck', sorry peek into these sellers shops and maybe you could 'fly' off with a wonderful item, but hurry before someone beats you to it, remember, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
Hurry before they fly south for the winter!

Personal Stellar Feature.

I have not managed to do a full September Stars blog for a couple of days, that is why I have featured double the amount of the other member Stars items today than normal.

Therefore, my personal stellar feature is a little larger, I am not going to show you everything I have listed since I last blogged, but just four of the latest. Please click on one the pictures and review it and peruse the other items in my shop too.

Thank you and please flap over to Folksy!


  1. Thank you for including me even though my little birdy got away, possibly onto Imogen's fab fascinator:) Great choices as always Natalie.

  2. Enough of the 'cheep' puns ;)

    Thanks for showing my little barn owl stamp; I love all things birdie so off to check out the other sellers!

  3. Very tweet! Sorry!! Gorgeous choices:)
    Dottie x

  4. You've been going mad with listing again Natalie- are you off on hol again soon?!
    Lovely birdie items- obviously I'm a day behind as I listed a birdie today...
    I love Chloe's card. Wonderful colours

  5. lots of lovely items, I do love swirlyarts chicken door stop!

  6. thanks so much for including my card among all the other birds :) I love the chicken door stop too!

  7. Thanks for showcasing Bandit chicken - his head is swelling with the fame!

  8. Chirp Chrip, Cheep Cheep, Flutter Flutter, you are all quite welcome!

    Natalie x