Saturday, 29 May 2010

29th Day of Challenge!

Eurovision Listing!

In honour of the Eurovison contest earlier this evening, where the UK came in at, .... wait for it .... last place! With a full 10 points! At least we made it into double figures!

Mad Mayhemmer Eurovison Treasury!

We have a heart for the full on love fest that is the Eurovision, a sparkle glitz crystal necklace, in honour of all the light and sparkle on the evening in Oslo and large dangle earrings in honour of those that were worn by the lady presenters!

We follow this with a blue theme, for our all time lowly last place!

Some clockwork mechanism, to portrait the tight timescale of the songs and voting system, some unique beads, to symbolise that each country brings a unique song to the competition and butterfly earrings in honour of the wonderful butterfly dresses and song from Belarus, which were a show stopper as far as my 10 year old daughter was concerned!

Personal Mad Mayhemmer Mini Treasury!

Today I listed a Bamboo Jasper Heart shaped keyring / handbag charm with a heart shaped split ring, so two hearts for the price of one!
If you feel you can support our Mad Mayhemmer Euro listings today, please click of the picture for a closer viewing and look at the rest of their shops!


  1. Lots of fab items again Nat. Last two days. What happened to May?
    Hope you all did well in sales.


  2. Thanks for featuring my Blue Hearts Earrings Natalie! :)

    Karen x