Wednesday, 26 May 2010

26th Day of Challenge!

June Junkies?
Do you want to join a Listing Challenge in June?

Almost there! Day 5 in the reverse count down! Phew! Almost there now!

We have been discussing whether we can cope with doing another month of listing every day, asking if any new Folksters are interested and having a discussion on possible names for a June Club.

So far the most popular name for those wanting to support a daily listing challenge in June seems to be June Loons - keeping the madness theme going it seems, which I admit seemed very apt!

Keep an eye out in the Folksy forums and add your name to the thread if you want to get involved!

Mad Mayhemmer Treasury!
Vintage and New - Flowers and Pearls!
Moving on the to today's theme for my Mad Mayhemmer blog, which is the look and old and new, up-cycling at its best and the romantic look into pearly beads and floral touches, very summery!
If you like what you see, please take a closer look and these Mad Mayhemmers shops by clicking on the pictures above.

Personal Mad Mayhemmer Mini Treasury!

Today I listed an very pretty Agate Gemstone Pendant, in a droplet shape, with a Sterling Silver bail.
I hope you like it, I very nearly did not list this item, it almost ending up going straight in to my jewellery box!


  1. Beautiful agate.
    Can't believe we are almost there!

  2. That's a really pretty pendant :) The items you've chosen above are lovely too!

  3. Thank you both. If the pendant has not sold before Christmas, I might just take it off and keep it, but thats not the idea is it! LOL!

    Natalie x

  4. Thanks for including my lemony top Natalie xx