Sunday, 9 May 2010

9th Day of Challenge!

Last day of Single Figures!
9th of May Already!!!
Tomorrow into double figures for our Mad Mayhemmer Challenge. Is it me or is this month rushing by?
My listing today was a slate grey handbag with a twist, it has a vibrant bright red satin style lining!
I'm a Man Utd Fan so that might have been the reason!
Having gone for a Grey and Red theme, I feel slightly out of step today, as there was a blue theme in the Mad Mayhemmers today!
And as Chelsea, who wear blue won the premiership title today, maybe blue is this was the cause of blue look today.
Check our the Blue Mad Mayhemmer Treasury!
Check out the all the wonderful Folksters today!


  1. Thanks for including my brooch :)

  2. Wow there was a lot of blue today!

    Christals Creations.

  3. Really super blue stuff today.

  4. Thanks for showing my card :-) lovely blue selection!

  5. You're all quite welcome!

    I love blue, even if I am a United Fan!

    Natalie x