Wednesday, 12 May 2010

12th Day of Challenge!

Coalition 12th!
Not only are we on the 12th day of our Mad Mayhemmer challenge, but we have a new coalition government in place!
Many of my items and that of my fellow crafters at Folksy are a coalition of material, ideas and themes, much like our new Government today.
My listing for the 12th May was a knitted and crocheted evening bag, in purple mohair blend yarn, lined in shocking pink satin style material with baby pink bead detail.
The yarn for the handbag is itself a blend or coalition of yarns and has other colours within the dusky purple for added interest.
Mad Mayhemmer Treasury!
To keep with my coalition theme, I have decided to feature felt, yarn and fabric based products listed today!
Please take a closer inspection of these wonderful items! As I am sure we will all be doing for our new Government in the next few days and weeks, to see what is in store for us all.


  1. Well done Natalie you really are rising to the challenge, not only listing everyday but blogging too, you put us to shame!..Thank you for including Mushy..Makes today....X

  2. Not at all, just thought I would see if I could do it! And I enjoy looking at lovely things and featuring them. Just hope it relates in some additional view and sales for you all.

    Natalie x

  3. Way to go Nats.

    I am really going to blog now i've caught up with all the other blogs I missed earlier.


  4. Thankyou so much for featuring my double sided cat keyring.