Wednesday, 12 May 2010

11th Day of Challenge!

Legs Eleven!
We have reached day 11 and are motoring through the month now! Trying not to think about the the fact that there are still another 20 listings and blog posts to do this month! Phew!
But to buoy me up in my Mad Mayhemmer and personal blog challenge, I had a sale of the item I listed today! Yippee! I tried something different, listing a fossil on its own as a display piece, or alternative desk ornament and it was snapped up very soon after listing, thank you, and to a fellow Mad Mayhemmer too!
On the strength of this, I may well list a few more of my treasured display fossil over the rest of the month, if I can force myself to part with them! They have hours and hours of fossil hunting and preparation time invested in them, but creation is purely down to wonderful Mother Earth!
Fellow MayHemmers Treasury!
My fellow crafters have been celebrating with colour today!
I thought I would show you some of their wonderfully colourful jewellery items today!
Please pop over to their Folksy shops for a closer inspection.


  1. Thanks for featuring my fruity bracelet. Wonderful Jewellery today.

  2. Gorgeous ... well done only 20 days to go;) x

  3. Thanks for including my silver studs amongst your colourful picks.

  4. Ohhhh I like the gardening earrings. How much fun.
    Congrats on the sale.
    Hoping i'll get one soon. . . need to make something today, need some inspiration and a small person to be pre-occupied.
    Looking forward to todays lovelies. . .
    Christals Creations. xxx

  5. Ta for featuring my pendant! Am just about managing to keep up with this one a day malarky!

  6. Thanks for your comments ladies and yes it is a 'challenge' for all of us, but I think we are rising to it very well!

    Natalie x