Friday, 28 May 2010

28th Day of Challenge!

Bronze Medal Day!

In our reverse countdown, we are on day 3! Which means we are in bronze medal position in our list an item a day challenge!

And I do feel we all deserve a medal after this marathon challenge!

I was very lucky to be the feature of a Love Fest Folksy Friday written by Maxine and collaborated on by many of the other Mad Mayhemmers!
I was truly touched by the kindness shown! Thank you Peeps!

Mad Mayhemmer Treasury!

To give back some love today, I am going to feature something from everyone who listed today! And feature the shops of everyone who made a comment on the thread today! So a larger Mad Mayhemmer Treasury than normal!

Personal Mad Mayhemmer Mini Treasury!
Today I listed a romantic ladies crocheted camisole style top! A bit of a labour of love, literally took me months to complete at my snail pace of crochet, so much as I love the finished item, I will not be attempting to make another.... ever!

Please take a look at my lovely folksy friend's and family's shops, they are certainly worth a visit and I am sure you will find stunning crafts to suit all tastes!


  1. Thank you Natalie, only 2 days to go!!!

  2. The camisole is very pretty - if I'd taken that long to make something I think I'd want to keep it for myself - or were you just sick of the sight of it by then!

  3. No, I do like it, but I'm too lardy to wear it, need to make it more ample for my figure!


    Natalie x

  4. Thanks Nat.

    Can't believe it's almost over.