Monday, 31 May 2010

Gold Medal Day!

Mad Mayhemmer Finale!

Gold Medal Day!

The Mad Mayhemmers has come to an end,
But we Mad Crafters will ever be friends!
To list an item a day has been tough,
But we mad band have been good enough!
To stick it out through thick and thin,
To complete the challenge and the gold medal to win!

Personal Mad Mayhemmer Mini Treasury!

Marathon May had come to an end, and on this finale day I have listed agate gemstone earrings in the shape of little green goldfish, finished with 925 marked sterling silver fitments.

Mad Mayhemmer Gold Treasury!

As this is the final day, I feel it only fair to list something from everyone posting in the Mad Mayhemmers today! As they are all deserving of attention!

NOfkantsCurios maxineveronica13 Squintessential talkingbeads Mild
ButtonsandBeadsGifts MushyMakes STEAMPUNKSTORM
Melaniezine whimsicalwrenjewellery SwirlsAndSquiggles Christals
LondonFogg ForestFlower LemonadeAndLamingtons LisaHafey
DeborahJonesJewellery vintagedreams starsNscars jcu shop

Some Mad Mayhemmer Thoughts!
I asked my Mad Fool friends if they had any final thoughts they would like to say about being a Mad Mayhemmer, good or bad and two of them kindly wished to contribute!
The lovely Maxine from maxineveronica13 said:

"I have loved being a Mad Mayhemmer, I have made so many new friends, and it has helped me to focus on my shop and be more creative. Making and listing 31 different items in a month was certainly challenging, but I have enjoyed every minute."
This is Max's favourite listing in May!

The lovely Melanie from Melaniezine said

"I opened my shop on the first of May found the Mayhemmers and joined in. It's been great fun, a lovely bunch of talented crafters that always list a beautiful, unique, diverse array of designs. Well done everyone for all of the fantastic listings during the MM challenge ♥"

This is Melanie's favourite listing in May!

The strange and blog addicted Natalie (i.e. me) said:
"I have really enjoyed being a Mad Mayhemmer, making new friends and feeling part of something bigger and part of the folksy family! I have certainly seen an increase of views to my shop and have also been lucky enough to have a few sales, always a bonus! Thank you everyone that made this challenge so enjoyable!"

This was one of my favourite listings for May, I adore the fresh green colour and combination with the upcycled leather and wooden bead belt as a strap.

Mad Maymemmer Success Sales Tally!

NOfkantsCurios x 7, ButtonsandBeadsGifts x 2, DeborahJonesJewellery x 1,

starsNscars x 7, Mildunkey x 7, STEAMPUNKSTORM x 17, clairezcardz x 3,

vintagedreams x 8, TinyGemsJewellery x 1, maxineveronica13 x 4,

talkingbeads x 3, jcu x 2, Christals x 2, whimsicalwrenjewellery x 13,

Lisa Hafey/Lemmonadeandlamingtons x 3, MushyMakes x 5, sweetpyroangel x 5,

LondonFogg x 4


  1. Thanks Natalie, It has been a lot of fun. Your input has been marvelous . Will keep in touch.

  2. I admire your stability - all of you,power to your elbows.
    Jeanie x

  3. thanks for this Natalie, yes it has been a lot of fun :)

    Karen x

  4. I have enjoyed myself and will miss those of you not staying on to do the June Loons, please keep popping in to say hello!

    Natalie x