Friday, 30 March 2012

Wear a Hat for Brain Tumour Day!

The lovely Sophie of Imogen's Imagination is supporting the 'Wear a Hat for Brain Tumour Day' to raise funds for this very worthy cause, so to help in my own little way, I am trying to raise some awareness and will be wearing my own hat today, as will my son's and daughter, but then again, the boys in particular hardly ever have a hat off their heads, but donations will be made all the same.

To find out all the details here is the FB url link.

Here is my daughter in a hat!

Hat-tastic Gallery!

Now if you don't already have a hat, there are many, many, many to choose from on Folksy, all unique and designed by British Crafters and Artisans.

These hats are just gorgeous and suit babies to ladies, encompassing all styles and tastes, in a variety of materials and colours.

The shops featured are not actively taking part in raising funds for Wear a Hat for Brain Tumour Day, other than Sophie's Shops, but regardless they are gorgeous hats, I am sure you will agree.

I have chosen them to show the wide variety and talent available by British makers, so please take some time to visit each shop by clicking on the picture.

A little Gallery of my own, crocheted goodness from little me!


And something for the babies, fun and quirky, I hope you agree!

Structured hats in crochet, just beautiful as well as practical!

Something a little more formal for those very special occasions!

I hope you have enjoyed my hat-tastic gallery today and will be inspired to Wear a Hat for Brain Tumour Day, please check out the Facebook link, it is such a worthy cause.


  1. Oh Natalie, this is wonderful!

    Thank you so much for your support in raising awareness for this massively underfunded area of research :o)

    Brain tumour research receives just 0.7% of national cancer research spending and for brain cancer patients, the five year survival rate is just 14% (Source: Sophie's Wish)

    I am keeping a tally on my event page which also has links to Sophie's Wish to find out more information abotu their work and how to donate well as that all important tally from me too!

    Thank you so much again :oD


  2. They all look wonderful. Thank you so much for including one of mine, it`s much appreciated.
    I hope Sophie`s wonderful gesture raises a lot of money for such a worthy charity.