Sunday, 1 April 2012

Hello to April Artisans

Hello April Artisans, Fond Farewell to March Makers!

Well we have come to the end of another month, unseasonably warm, which may have had many people out side enjoying the sunshine, instead of in front of their computers and who can blame them, but even so, the brave souls of the March Makers ploughed on listing and promoting daily and achieved a very impressive 407 collective sales, given the economic climate, let alone the warm weather, I think is a very decent result for their endeavours.

So now in the month of April, we fools have decided to attempt to list daily yet again and have welcomed some new crafters and artisans to our merry band.

The name most voted for was April Artisans, April Cools came a close second, so we cool crafters are no ones fools and will be listing and supporting each other as much as possible, to see if our efforts raise awareness, bring in new visitors to our shops, and hopefully some sales along the way too.

April Artisan Gallery!

So to start off my promotion of my fellow Artisans, here are just a few of the wonderful items listed today, to give you some idea as to the wonders available from our daily listing challenge club.

Please just click on the item to be transported to the shop in question.

I hope to show case more crafters and artisans during the month, but hope you agree that these few look lovely together in the gallery today.

Thank you!


  1. Very cool, Natalie. Thanks for including my bag. Really glad to be back! Edwina

  2. Thanks Natalie - proud to be an AAer!xx

  3. Fabulous! I love Edwina's bag and your "tie art" is fantastic Natalie! What next?!!

  4. They look great together. Lovely listings today.


  5. lovely items. Cant pick a favourite as want them all :o)

    {Dab and a dash.}

  6. Lovely bracelet Kelly, and Clootielugs little birdy is very sweet.

    Great choices Natalie.

    Shirley x