Sunday, 22 April 2012

Seeing Red!

But in a very welcome way!

Some gorgeous red items from the April Artisan's for you to enjoy, chosen for no other reason than their glorious colour and how beautifully they all looked together.

I hope you take some time to 'stop' at these red items, 'be aware' of their craftsmanship and be 'warned' that they may not be around for long, as they are too wonderful to sit idle in shops, I am sure they'll be racing to a new home soon.

Red Gallery!

Please just click on the pictures to be taken to more wonderful pictures in situ in their home shop.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing red with me today!


  1. ooh lovely choices, thanks for choosing mine, Nats.

  2. Beautiful selection, Natalie. What a lovely idea. Thanks for including my bag.

  3. what a great idea!

    thank you so much for chosing to share my red orchid fascinator :o)