Saturday, 7 April 2012

Art Commission!

Wonderful Results!

I recently posted in the Folksy forum, if anyone would be willing to attempting an art commission for me and it has come to fruition with wonderful results!

My husband is a Police Dog handler and so far in his career, has had four wonderful dogs, all German Shepherds and all have been such characters and wonderful partners for my husband during a long and successful service.

Therefore, I thought wouldn't it be a wonderful gift to have a painting done, with all four dog in a companionable group, which of course would never happen, as they never met each other, but even so, this would be a wonderful tribute to them all and of course to my husband.

So the call went out and the lovely Janice of WellyDog Studio & Workshops offered to take up the challenge!
Not only did she do a wonderful job, but in double quick time, I did not have a time frame in mind, but Janice set to the task and my lovely painting arrived with me this morning, so will be giving it to my Husband for our wedding anniversary in a few days time, what could be more perfect.

So let me introduce you to the dogs that are the subjects of this lovely painting.




And the baby of the group ...


I sent Janice a selection of pictures, so she could see the dogs from many angles and she was kind enough to send me sketches at various stages, so I could see how things were progressing and make any suggestions, which were not really necessary, as Janice had everything perfectly under control.

Stage One ... the rough outline.

Stage Two.

Stage Three ... adding some detail!

Almost finished! 

Finished Painting!

Janice concentrated the fine detail on their lovely faces, so that your eye is drawn to them!  

Don't you think she did a wonderful job?  

She has captured all their characters beautifully and I am especially pleased to have Tess central, she was my husband's longest serving dog and when she retired, she came to live with us, where she became my dog, Janice did not have this information, but placed Tess where she thought she looked best, it really made my day and warmed my heart.

I have no doubt my husband is going to be moved by this picture and it feels right to give it to him for our anniversary, as it is something we are both going to enjoy looking at.

Now just to find the perfect frame to set it off.

I can whole heartedly recommend Janice and her amazing painting skills to all, a wonderful, personal service and I do hope you visit her website on the link above, or just for good measure, here it is again!

Thank you Janice!  


  1. That's wonderful, Natalie. You can see so clearly that each dog had their own character and personality. What a lovely gift for you both, and Janice has done a fabulous job. Super!

  2. Lovely! What a special gift, I bet you can't wait to hand it over. Janice has done a really good job. Shaz x

  3. Thanks Natalie, I am glad you are pleased with it, it was a real privilege to be able to do it for you all. Janice x

  4. This is simply beautiful Natalie. It brought a little tear to my eye. Well done Janice.

  5. Wow! That is an amazing picture. Janice is very talented. And it is such a thoughtful present. I bet your husband will be so pleased.

  6. What a lovely idea and a gorgeous painting!!! I'm a huge dog lover myself...
    Anyway, Happy Anniversary! Martina x

  7. They are fantastic- lovely looking dogs- Janice has captured them really well. Your husband will be over the moon- such a thoughtful present!
    Louisa x

  8. What a lovely picture, and a great idea.