Thursday, 12 April 2012

Folksy Friday! Lighthouses!


Guiding sea travellers home from long journeys and a welcome landmarks on our rugged coastlines, the light houses have had a long and valued service in our communities, which may be short lived, as we develop into a more mechanised and electronic community, the lighthouse  is seen as a relic that is longer of viable service, almost all are now unmanned, except for those at a tourist venue, and the hardy men and women that lived and worked in the harsh environment, are sadly a thing of the past.

I love a good light house, maybe as I too am a relic of the past, but as a beacon of light to welcome home travellers, I think there can be no better sight.

Lighthouse Gallery!

I am obviously not alone in loving the humble lighthouse, as there are many to be found on Folksy, here are just a few in my Beacon-tastic gallery!  

Please just click on the picture, to find your way lit to more wonderful aspects of these gorgeous lighthouses!

I hope you have found my Folksy Friday illuminating!

Thank you!


  1. Lovely selection, I love lighthouses

  2. It was very illuminating and enjoyable.


  3. A super post and lovely selection.


  4. I love a light house!! Maybe it's because I my home town is so near Portland Bill and my a lot of my family are Portlanders. Lovely selection :)

  5. Lovely theme, and great selection! :D x

  6. Lighthouses - now who would have thought they would make a great theme and a fabulous selection?!
    Wonderful idea, Natalie. Well done!

  7. I love lighthouses too! The painting by Michele is amazing.