Friday, 23 March 2012


Firstly, apologies to those people with butterfly phobia's, but this blog is full of them today!

Such a lovely warm day yesterday and today, that it put me in mind of summer and then I saw three or four bright yellow butterflies, that I knew immediately that my Folksy Friday blog had to be a Butterfly gallery.

Flutter of Butterflies!

A Flutter is the collective name for a group of butterflies, how appropriate is that!  So here is my flutter for you to enjoy!  

Please click on the pictures, to land on the blooms in question where these butterfly creations have settled for us to enjoy.  There you can take in the full details and see each creation in all its glory.

I hope you have enjoyed my gallery today, I tried hard to choose something from differing mediums and with differing uses, so there might be something for everyone here, but such a hard choice as there were so many butterfly items to choose from on Folksy.


  1. thank you very much for picking my butterfly fascinator for your blog today :o)

    i love butterflies!


  2. Hi Natalie - thank you. Lovely butterflies - a real favourite of mine. I'm honoured that you chose my humble purse because as you say there are so many butterfly items on Folksy!
    Best wishes

  3. Great butterflies Natalie.

    Shirley x