Saturday, 24 March 2012

New Baby Cards!

One of our own, Jacqueline of JAustenJewelleryDesign is in hospital right now having her baby, poor love has been waiting 9 months and two weeks for this baby to arrive, but she had obviously made a very comfy home for babe, so much so it has yet to show an appearance.

We're all waiting eagerly to hear whether she and her husband have a new lovely baby girl or boy to add to their family and her two little sons are very excited too!

So whilst we're waiting, here are some newborn congratulations cards to suit either a baby boy or girl, please click on the picture to be taken to the shop in question.


I hope you have enjoyed my baby card collection and when we know more about Jacqueline's baby, I'll update to say what she had.

Baby Update!

Jacqueline has kindly allowed me to announce that she had a bouncing baby boy, named Lewis on Sunday evening, at a whopping 9lb 13oz, those who know Jacqueline will understand what a feat that was for her, she's only a little lady.

Jacqueline and Lewis are staying in hospital for a few days, Lewis has a little infection, nothing to worry about, they just want to monitor him for a couple of days, and at least it gives Jacqueline a little time to rest and recuperate before being thrown back into the hectic life of Mummy to three little boys!

Love to Jacqueline and her Lovely Husband at this happy time!


  1. What a lovely idea, Natalie. There are so many talented card makers on Folksy. It is lovely to see their work. I hope Jacqueline and baby are ok.

  2. I agree with Edwina, its a lovely idea and we cetainly do have a lot of very talented card makers on Folksy.

  3. Thank you for adding one of my cards. I hope everythings going ok with Jacqueline & baby :-)

    Diane x

  4. Thank you for featuring my card in this lovely selection!

    Debbie x

    1. ooh thank you for putting me on here, lovely cards, must be a boy I think x
      should have looked at your blog before I asked this mornings question !

  5. Lovely cards and thanks for sharing the news! BIG baby!