Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Busy Little Bees!

We had a cold, but beautifully bright day in Berkshire yesterday and the first of my delicate crocuses popped their pretty mauve petals through my lawn, such a joyous sight and made me long for the buzz and industrious sounds of the bumble and honey bee's, which to me are one of the true delights of summer.

The Bumble bee in particular that defies science and gravity to be able to fly, just goes to show that mother nature knows best and rewards those with an industrious nature and goodness of heart.

Buzzing Gallery!

So I buzzed around in the shops of some of my fellow folksy peeps, to search out some sweet little bumble and honey bee inspired creations to share with you.

Please just click on the pictures below to buzz across to the hive of activity and full details of the items of your choice.

Personal Hive of Activity!

I have a couple of bumble inspired items myself, yarn creations both fun and useful, just like the bumble bee itself.

I hope you have enjoyed my buzzing feature blog today!


  1. I've just commented to OH that I've seen some snowdrops on way to school. I think the spring really might be coming! It's been such a long, cold winter, and that's me in the south! Love the bees.Thanks

  2. a honeypot of lovelies

    thank you for including my red hearts & charms bracelet

  3. Love the buzzin' feeling :-) The bee top is adorable! Thanks for including me.
    xxx Mirjam

  4. What lovely things. I'm especially loving Knitted Ducks knitted bee (so, so cute) and Whimsical Wren's necklace - you can almost taste the honey.
    Gorgeous blog, Natalie,

    Marie x

  5. Thanks so much for including my little bee brooch. I can't wait for spring either! I love the little bee clips from Steampunk Storm and your bee top is brilliant.....

  6. Buzztastic selection! thanks so much for including my bracelet

    Max x

  7. Hadn`t noticed there were so many bees, they all look amazing. Linda

  8. Great bee finds. Loving Apryl's pendant and the bib and your top are so sunny!