Friday, 18 February 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

Stylish Blogger Award.

Being the Dingbat that I am, I have only just noticed that the lovely Dottie of Dottie Designs, very kindly afforded me the honour, of being one of her nominations for the Stylish Blogger Award, for which I would like to thank her most graciously!

Dottie is a wonderful Lady, a tireless crafter of wonderful albums, memory boxes, card and all sorts of wonderful items for all occasions.

I was linked alongside some wonderful blogs and to see who Dottie had nominated in her list of 15 blogs, besides myself, please click here and also read the latest Dottie Blogs.

Stylish Blog Award Rules!

Now, to follow the rules of the nomination, there are a few things I have to do, so here goes.

1. Thank the person and include the link for the nomination, which I have done and very pleased to do so.

2. Share seven things about yourself.

Well, this may be a little boring for peeps, but here goes anyway!

a. I'm married to a lovely man, who is also my best friend, with three wonderful children!

b. I'm 44 years young!

c. I hope to be able to retire to Cyprus with my hubby, once the children are grown and settled.

d. I should have been born on Christmas Day, but I kept my poor Mummy waiting until January, and have been trying to catch up ever since.

e. I float really easily, but prefer to swim under water ... odd or what!?!

f. I could tan under candle light, and am always taken for a local on holidays in sunny climes, causing much confusion when I can't speak the lingo.

g. I have very vivid dreams and can even remember dreams from my childhood.

3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.

This was a tough one, trying not to duplicate blogs already awarded by Dottie, but here goes.

4. And finally, the last thing I have to do, is let everyone know they have been nominated and let them have the details, should they want to spread the Stylish Blog nomination awards further, which I am off to do right this minute.

I hope you too enjoyed my nominations and will spend a little time checking out their blogs.


  1. Thank you Natalie for nominating my blog. I'm off to check all your and Dotties faves too

  2. I like your nominations! Off to click on a couple I don't follow.

    Dottie x

  3. Thank you for nominating me, Natalie! I don't blog enough and must now make a real effort and pull my socks up. Off to have a look at the other blogs mentioned.

    Jacqueline x

  4. Thank you Natalie... now to pass this along to some lovely blogs :)

    Kellie xx

  5. I'm flattered and honoured to be one of your nominations Natalie!

  6. Thank you Natalie!Loved hearing about you especially the floating fact..very strange :)xx

  7. Ooh thanks Natalie! Wish I could tan like you - I'm more likely to burn under candlelight! I'll be making up my list soon - you've picked some of my favourite blogs here too. Shaz x

  8. Thanks for the nomination Natalie. Very sweet of you to think of me. I dont do chain thingies but thanks all the same.
    Teehee- tan under candle light!