Sunday, 23 September 2012

Angels and Fairies!

I Do Believe in Angels and Fairies!

There was a time we all believed, usually between the ages of 2 and 12 years old, then something goes amiss, we grow up, its suddenly not cool to admit to believing in the wonders of magic and fairy dust, but for some of us, a little bit of the magic remains, especially when we have children of our own and we enjoy seeing the wonder and joy in their belief.

Special times come at Christmas, when a child loses a tooth or even on birthdays, we have tooth fairies, Christmas Angels, flower fairies and in our house we have a wind fairy, but that is something all together different and a topic for another discussion!

Those of us who are Folksy Crafters and Artisans, also believe in a sales fairy, a mystical creature who brings Folksy sales to our doors and we often try to tempt her to stay with cakes, the odd tipple and chocolate, but in my case she seems to be on a diet!  LOL!

So in honour of these whimsical mystical creatures, I have a Fairy and Angel Folksy Feature Gallery for you.

Please tap your wand on the pictures and in a twinkle of fairy dust, you'll be transported to the magical abodes of these fairy and angel inspired creations.


I do hope you're feeling inspired and maybe filled with child like wonder and have enjoyed my whimsical mood and blog today!


  1. Lovely Natalie.
    In our house there used to be fairies who lived on top of the lampshade in the living room. They would report to Father Christmas any naughty children in the house!
    Originally they lived in my mother's house and used to send him letters up the chimney.
    When they moved to my house they would use the telephone and then moved on to mobiles. Apparently they now have a wi-fi connection!

  2. Hi Natalie - thanks so much for including my angels in your blog today. I love creative treasures angel decoration - great detail : )
    Sarah x

  3. They are all gorgeous. I recognise the Angel of the North too, having visited recently. Love all the christmassy ones especially.


  4. Thanks Natalie, for including my unconventional Angel. We had fairies living at the bottom of the garden when the children were young. You could look out of the back window at night and see them twinkle over the pond. I miss seeing them now e have moved.

  5. Aww my boy believes in fairies and all the trimmings. He is fab. The second is not quite old enough but not far behind.

  6. Love all the angels, Natalie. It has been a long, long time since I saw the Angel of the North.:-)

  7. Thank you Natalie, what a lovely blog! I especially love Sew Surplus' Flower Fairy, what memories of childhood. I had all the Flower Fairy books then and treasured them.