Friday, 28 September 2012

Folksy Friday - Roman Holiday!

Roman Holiday!

My husband and I have just booked a city break to Rome, which I am really excited about!!!!!

It was supposed to have been for his 50th Birthday and also to celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary, but time slipped by, there were family events, which stopped us booking our treat, but I was determined to get it booked up before this special year was done, and so we are all set for going now!  YAY!

So in my celebratory and excited mood, I felt a Roman themed Folksy Friday might be in order and have scoured the seven hills of Folksy, to find some gorgeous Roman themed and inspired items to put in the Arena today!

These wonderful gladiators will not fight with each other though, they are happy to pop each other on a pedestal for us all to admire and wonder at!

Please recline on your cushions, get you personal serf to peel you a grape and enjoy my Roman Folksy finds by clicking on each picture to be transported back in time, or flown to classical climes!

Thank you so much for allowing me to indulge in my Roman Holiday and I hope you have enjoyed my Folksy Friday Arena!


  1. Lovely post. You do realise that once you`ve been you`ll want to keep going back. Be sure to throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain to make sure you go back.
    A lovely selection.


  2. Lucky you and such a lot of lovely things to get you in the mood x

  3. What lovely items, I so want to go back there again! I can taste the proper Italian icecream now!

    Clare xx

  4. Fab selection and exciting news about your Rome trip, it's a place I'd love to go!

    Debbie x