Monday, 1 October 2012

Optimistic October!

Feeling Optimistic in October!

We've come to that time again, another new month and another Daily listing club!  

The September Sellers have moved over to the October Optimists, which is a very positive name for a positive start to the month, which on the first day had a collective sales tally of 22 sales, in the word of the younger generation "Way to Go!"

But we can move away from September Sellers without celebrating their successes, which were many!

In total there were 403 collective sales and many sellers saw multiple sales, which is just wonderful, September's top seller, by one additional sale, was the lovely Helen of  HelleBellesCards with a fantastic 24 sales for the month!

Optimistic Feature Gallery!

To start of this new month, full of promise and the hints of sales in the air, I have chosen some of my favourite items to showcase, please click on the pictures, to fly across to the items and shops in question, for the full details and even more wonderful pictures.

And a Little Feature Gallery of my own!

This is the latest in my hand coiled and hand sewn cotton rope handbags, this one is called Anastasia's Orchid!


I hope you have enjoyed my little Optimistic Gallery and will join us Optimists in a fabulous October!


  1. A lovely selection Natalie.


  2. Yay for the Optimists! Great collection, Natalie. Thanks lots for including my sterling silver ring.


  3. I lovely selection Natalie, did you notice you've gone for fairly autumnal colours? Or was it just subliminal with the weather?! Thank you for including my pendant.