Friday, 26 October 2012

Folksy Friday - Wreaths

A Wreath is Not Just for Christmas!

I have recently started making wreaths and became a bit addicted, using a copper wire base and then wrapping in yarn, material fragments, or ties, to create a pretty and interesting base to decorate, some with buttons, or crocheted adornments, in fact anything I felt looked attractive and made an interesting wreath and so came to realise that the wreath could make a lovely home decoration all year round, therefore, to use and modify a phrase often used for pets at the festive season, I realised that a "Wreath is not just for Christmas!"

I opened a thread on the Folksy Forums to find out if anyone else felt the same as I did and had a wonderful response, so my Folksy Friday is a Campaign to raise awareness that a wreath is not just for Christmas!

If you too would like to support the campaign, please click on the pictures to view these lovely wreaths in all their glory and maybe you could suggest an event, or special occasion you feel these wreaths may be appropriate for, or maybe which rooms you feel they might best adorn.

Thank you for supporting my tongue in cheek campaign, but hope you too agree that these lovely wreaths deserve pride of place all year round!


Thank you!


  1. I'd be happy to use any of those wreaths as decoration any time of the the year. That shell one would look great in a bathroom. And the wooden heart would look fab in a summerhouse.

  2. WOW They are all amazing! I had no idea! My don't really have a favourite - they are all so lovely but I agree they would look great on the wall of a room all year round.

  3. Ooo, they are rather nice, arne't they. Perhaps I can be persuaded of their year-round charm ;-) I like the shell one, as that is soooo un-Christmassy! Really nice collection :-)

  4. They do all look really nice. Definitely for all year round.
    Shirley x

  5. They all look wonderful and any would make great decorations for all year round.


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  7. Sorry, messed up my previous comment, try again...
    That shortbread one is a lot of fun.