Friday, 30 April 2010

Folksy Fooler Parade!

Foolish Madness to list an item a Day!
When RedBirdJewellery came up with the idea for a list an item a day challenge, little did we know how much fun it would be!
The idea was to see if the challenge which was in essence a market research tool, would make any difference to levels of view and of course sales for the artisans and crafters taking part.
Some had large sales, some like myself only one, and some none at all. I noted a large increase in views, yet some felt their views were much the same as in previous months. I can only talk of my own experience, if nothing else, it was a very enjoyable challenge and I now feel like an established member of the Folksy community and family!
Below are the shops that had sales and some of the items still available in the Folksy Shops!
Redbirdjewellry had 8 sales! DizzyIzzy had 11 sales! FairlyGirly had 6 sales!
Beadypool had 9 sales! AccidentalVix had 4 sales! ThePinkFairyCake had 4 sales!
KittyNoir had 1 sale! Chiyo had 1 sale! VintageDreams had 12 sales!
NOfkantsCurios had 1 sale! BoxofDelights had 2 sales! GlitterRT had 8 sales!
MadeWithLove had 5 sales! Steampunkstorm had 11 sales! LauraAdora had 6 sales!
Chicita had 3 sales! Pantsandpaper had 13 sales!
At the time of listing, these sales statistics were as posted on the thread! There may have been more sales made during or after this blog was published!
Well done to all the Folksy Foolers whether we had sales or not, I hope we all gained something from the challenge, even if it was only comradeship, or in my case comradeshop, as I found some things difficult to resist!


  1. Well done Natalie and all the Folksy Foolers, I thought about joining but I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up, hehe x

  2. Thank for featuring my bag! Big pat on the back to us all for making it through the month - and good luck to the brave souls carrying on through May!

    Dizzy Izzy

  3. Thanks, Nat, for including my lampwork ring. Going to miss everyone now it's May. Such hard work but the end of listing party was wild last night!

    Amanda (Chicita)

  4. Thanks for featuring my photo book :)
    I got up to 6 sales in the end, not bad considering I came in half way through and bulk uploaded them all!
    Well done everyone! x

  5. Have just added Pantsandpaper who had 13 sales and Laura, thank you, I have updated you sales too.

    Natalie x

  6. Thank you for featuring my earrings. I have huge respect for the people who made it all to the end - well done to everyone who took part Vxx

  7. Ooo, Thanks for that Natalie. It's been a busy few days here and haven't had a chance to look. Well done everyone,and good luck to those who are carrying on
    Rachael xx